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UNM COVID-19 recall needs deadline approaching


Eligible University of New Mexico students, staff, and faculty must receive and download documentation that indicates they received a COVID-19 vaccine booster by January 17, the day before the start of the spring semester 2022. in person.

Individuals are currently considered eligible by the University if they have received the second dose of Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccine by June 15, 2021 or the single dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine by October 15, 2021 because as long as it takes between vaccination doses. People vaccinated after these dates have up to four weeks to upload proof after the January 17 deadline.

As of Sunday January 9, 18.4% of students, 45.6% of staff and 48.8% of teachers had confirmed receive a reminder.

“The key step now for everyone is to get a vaccine booster as soon as possible,” UNM spokesperson Cinnamon Blair wrote. Daily Lobo by email. “People who are vaccinated are less likely to contract COVID, and when they do, they usually don’t get very sick. “

According to a to study According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, all three licensed COVID-19 vaccines have been effective in reducing the severity of symptoms in cases of rupture and preventing hospitalization.

Blair said there are currently no plans to return to a virtual learning environment for the spring semester.

“We have regular consultations with our in-house experts to assess current conditions and adjust them if necessary,” Blair wrote. “At present, we are continuing our current education plan. “

James Holloway, rector and vice president of academic affairs at UNM, said the university is potentially looking for ways to improve the quality of masks worn by students, staff and faculty on campus by moving away cloth and worm masks “medical masks”.

“The most important things are the vaccinations and the boosters,” Holloway said. “The second most important tool is good masking. “

The UNM follows the state’s mask mandate that masks are required for everyone inside, regardless of their immunization status.

The announcement of the recall requirement came shortly after the state of New Mexico issued an emergency notice public health order requiring recall for the vast majority of workers in high risk environments, including healthcare workers and workers in long-term care facilities. This has come with the rise of the new omicron COVID-19 variant.

“The recent emergence of the omicron variant further underscores the importance of the vaccination, boosters, and prevention efforts needed to protect against COVID-19,” CDC said Dr. Rochelle Walensky in Health Order. “Early data from South Africa suggests increased transmissibility of the omicron variant, and scientists in the United States and around the world are urgently reviewing the efficacy of the vaccine linked to this variant.”

Holloway said the university is targeting a fully immunized student, staff and faculty population.

“My goal is 100%. We really want to get everyone vaccinated… I know we won’t get to 100%, but my real hope is that we can get to that level of 95% or better, ”Holloway said.

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