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Tuesday’s Daily Pulse – Florida Trend


Florida job growth continues to outpace the nation

Florida continues to lead the nation in job growth. Its workforce has increased for 22 consecutive months. Its year-over-year private-sector job growth rate has outpaced the nation for 11 straight months, since April 2021. Florida’s unemployment rate has also been below the national rate for 15 straight months, declining or remaining stable for 19 consecutive months. Florida’s unemployment rate fell to 3.3% in February, below the national rate of 3.8%, according to a new jobs report released by the state Department of Economic Opportunity. [Source: The Center Square]

Biden seeks more money for Everglades restoration in 2023 budget

President Joe Biden on Monday proposed spending an additional $407 million on Everglades restoration over the next fiscal year, in addition to the more than $1 billion the federal government will spend on Florida’s crucial ecosystem over the next fiscal year. of the current year. “This iconic American landscape provides a clean water supply to more than 8 million Floridians, supports the state’s $90 billion tourism economy, and is home to dozens of endangered or threatened species,” says the budget document recently released by Biden regarding the importance of restoring the Everglades. [Source: Miami Herald]

Floridians seeking compensation for negligence and wrongful imprisonment get no relief

The relief bills, as they are called, get lost in a bureaucratic maze overseen by a Legislature leadership reluctant to give money to people who win multimillion-dollar settlements against police departments , sheriffs’ offices, hospital districts and state agencies, critics say. [Source: Orlando Sentinel]

Three finalists are vying for the best job in transport

The Florida Transportation Commission has sent Governor Ron DeSantis the names of three finalists to become Secretary of the State Department of Transportation. The commission last week recommended DOT District Five Secretary Jared Perdue, former Miami-Dade County Transit Director Alice Bravo, and former Federal Highway Chief Counsel Marcus Lemon. Administration in the George W. Bush administration. [Source: News Service of Florida]

After years of training, the Winter Park couple prepare for their first glimpse of space with the Blue Origin flight

It’s a moment they’ve been training for – a lot. Winter Park power couple Marc and Sharon Hagle are now in West Texas ready for what they hope will be their first spaceflight as members of the rocket’s NS-20 mission New Shepard from Blue Origin. It’s scheduled for liftoff at 9:30 a.m. EDT Wednesday from the company’s Launch Site One. Marc Hagle is president and CEO of Maitland-based commercial real estate company Tricor International Corp., and Sharon Hagle is the founder of SpaceKids Global, a local nonprofit. [Source: Orlando Sentinel]


› Australian fashion brand Zimmerman opens in Tampa
Zimmerman, an Australian fashion brand, is opening a store in Hyde Park Village in Tampa. The store will be Zimmerman’s first on Florida’s Gulf Coast and is expected to open this summer at 1620 W. Snow Ave., according to WS Development, the company that owns and operates the mall. It will be located next to the Sunni Spencer beachwear store.

› Walmart ends the sale of cigarettes in certain stores
Walmart will no longer sell cigarettes in some of its stores, although tobacco sales can be a major source of revenue. The Wall Street Journal was first to report the development on Monday. He noted that some stores in California, Florida, Arkansas and New Mexico were on the list, citing unnamed sources and store visits. Walmart isn’t the first national retail chain to cut cigarette sales, even on a trial basis, but it’s the biggest.

› Tallahassee Technicians Speak – and Mobilize – with the Launch Tally Initiative
Inaugural Launch Tally Conference Attracted More Than 200 Technology Industry Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Others to Florida State’s Turnbull Center; all gathered to better understand the new effort to spotlight Tallahassee’s tech sector. Other technology-based groups and efforts already exist. Launch Tally, according to Eddie Gonzalez Loumiet, is not meant to replace anything, but rather to promote what’s here and act as a launch pad for finding tech companies and events.

› Debate rages over downtown Boca Raton traffic and other growing issues
A consensus in Boca Raton seems to exist: the growing downtown needs improvement. But the fierce debate to resolve this has created a stalemate. Downtown has seen a building boom, and many who live or work downtown want a more pedestrian-friendly atmosphere. Meanwhile, those living east of the Intracoastal Waterway worry that narrowing a major road to widen sidewalks could create a traffic bottleneck, which could slow down vehicular responses. emergency, hurricane evacuations and increase links to and from the beach.

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