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Titan Development Closing Fund III at $ 122 million


Titan Development (“Titan”), one of the South West’s leading real estate development and private equity firms, today announced the closing of Titan Development Real Estate Fund III (“TDREF III” or “Fund III “) to 122 million in commitments and sponsor of the general partner.

With the closing TDREF III Titan Development has raised a total of $ 329 million since the inception of the series of funds in 2017 and has developed projects whose combined cost close to a billion dollars. Investors TDREF III are mainly family offices and wealthy individuals, with over 80% of former Titan investors participating in TDREF III alongside new investors. The discretionary Fund’s investment objective is focused on multi-family and industrial projects in secondary markets and tertiary growth that have experienced rapid growth in recent years. The Fund may also invest in opportunistic real estate sectors such as hotels and self-storage in other markets.

“We are delighted that Fund III has won the support of investors who share our vision to develop and deliver high quality solutions for businesses and tenants,” said Ben Spencer, fund and partner manager at Titan Development. “This is a great proof of confidence we ended Fund III in about three months of fundraising. While interest in the Southwest region continues to grow, we look forward to deploying these investments to build projects that will bring value to our investors and meet the needs of the communities we serve.

“The speed at which we broke Fund III demonstrates that our investment thesis is very attractive to investors,” said Kevin Reid, a partner at Titan Development. “It also confirms our numerous projects Identification strategy of our pipeline before the start of the fundraising, and development of a diverse portfolio of industry-specific properties and custom and class A multi-family, won the confidence of our investors, and we greatly appreciate their support.

Kurt Browning, partner at Titan Development, said: “The Fund III will offer many industrial and residential investment opportunities due to the continuing trend of technology companies and manufacturing to move to the Sunbelt and the growing demand for multi-family dwellings. The Fund will enable us to continue to build on our success in the markets of Texas, New Mexico, Florida and Arizona, as well as develop more on our new markets of Colorado and southern California .

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