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These 10 states have (or plan to) provide additional stimulus funds


Beyond the stimulus checks that arrived last spring, the increase in child tax credit payments that hit the bank accounts of eligible families for at least a few more months, and a slight increase in the child tax credit. Earned Income Tax, it looks like the federal government might be loosening stimulus programs at the moment. The hope is that the economy will grow at a pace robust enough to help lift all Americans.

In the meantime, 10 states have launched – or are considering launching – their own stimulus packages. Here is more information on which states have spent or have committed to spending more on direct payments.

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Last month, the $ 100 billion California Comeback Plan was enacted by Governor Gavin Newsom. The bill includes $ 8.1 billion in direct stimulus payments. Focused on the laser who will receive a check, the plan calls for checks for $ 600 to be sent to taxpayers earning between $ 30,000 and $ 75,000 per year. An additional $ 500 will be sent to families with dependent children.

ITIN filers – typically immigrants who don’t have a Social Security number but pay taxes – will receive $ 500.


Any Colorado resident who earns less than $ 52,000 and received at least one weekly unemployment check between March 15, 2020 and October 24, 2020, is eligible to receive a check for $ 375 from the Centennial State General Fund. .


The US bailout provided enough funds for Florida to deliver $ 1,000 checks to educators, police, paramedics, paramedics and firefighters. The funds are intended to thank those on the front lines of a state particularly affected by the pandemic.


Georgia distributed $ 1,000 bonuses to teachers in Peach State to recognize their hard work and sacrifice. With only 42% of the Georgian population vaccinated, teachers spend at least five days a week on the front line.


To help families across the state, Maryland repealed state and local taxes on unemployment benefits. The state also provided families with a stimulus check of $ 500 and $ 300 to those who claimed the earned income tax credit.


Michigan teachers who worked in school buildings received up to $ 3,000 in risk premiums. In addition, other teachers and support staff across the state received $ 500.


Missouri provided correctional officers an additional $ 250 by paycheck for their work during the pandemic.

New Mexico

More than 4,600 low-income households in New Mexico recently received $ 750 in emergency financial assistance. The single payment was designed for low-income New Mexicans who did not receive a federal stimulus payment.


The Tennessee Legislature gives and the Tennessee Legislature withdraws. In June, the legislature took a 2% pay hike for statewide teachers, but issued checks of $ 1,000 to all full-time educators and $ 500 for part-time teachers. These funds should be delivered by the end of the year.


Nurses, janitors and retail workers have been among those on the front lines thanked for their sacrifices by the state of Vermont. The checks were up to $ 2,000.

While we wait to see if other states will offer their own stimulus packages, there are a record number of jobs available across the country. Ideally, the pandemic will soon be in the rearview mirror, more people will find their place and return to work, and recovery issues will be a thing of the past.


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