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The Right Use of Power Institute Selects Power Positive Award Recipients


BOULDER, Col., October 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — October 28, 2022marks the fourth annual BE POWER POSITIVE day at United States. This date was chosen to honor the birthday in 1466 of the Dutch philosopher Disiderius Erasmus, considered one of the greatest scholars of the Northern Renaissance. In 1516 he wrote The education of a christian prince, a program to ensure that future kings would rule for the greater good of their subjects, not themselves. This book directly opposed the spirit of Machiavelli. The princewritten three years earlier, which advised leaders on how to maintain and increase power for their own benefit.

Each year, the Right Use of Power Institute (RUPI) selects one person and one organization for their annual Power Positive Award. This year’s winners are Kate RaworthSenior Partner at from Oxford University Environmental Change Institute, Englandand Bioneers, a non-profit organization headquartered in San Francisco, Californiaand Santa Fe, New Mexico. Ms Raworth describes herself as a “rogue economist”, creator of the Donut economic model based, according to Wikipedia, on the balance between “basic human needs and planetary limits”, and co-founder of the Donut Economics Action Lab. She argues in language understandable to the layman for prioritizing human flourishing over the Western economic gospel of continued economic growth, which she says will doom the planet.

Bioneers describes itself on its website (bioneers.org) as “an innovative non-profit organization driving breakthrough solutions to restore people and the planet. Founded in 1990 in Santa Fe, New Mexicoby social entrepreneurs Kenny Ausubel and Nina Simons… [it acts] as a fertile hub of social and scientific innovators with practical and visionary solutions for the world’s most pressing environmental and social challenges. » For more information, visit www.rightuseofpower.org.

SOURCE Institute for the Good Use of Power