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The Last 100 Years, January 18, 2022 | The last 100 years


From Santa Fe’s New Mexican:

January 18, 1922: The “Welcome” sign on the road from the penitentiary will be useless.

Today, the prison commission has publicly stated that the convicts on parole do not take up residence here. They said parole applicants will now have to show them that they do not expect to establish permanent residence under penitentiary walls – except, of course, for those who lived in Santa Fe before to be ‘sent’.

January 18, 1947: The state Department of Public Welfare recommended to the 18th New Mexico Legislature that the tobacco tax be increased by 2 to 3 cents on a pack of cigarettes. The original tobacco tax proposal in 1943 sparked one of the biggest legislative fights in New Mexico in recent years.

January 18, 1972: SANTA FE, NM (UPI) – Governor Bruce King today asked the New Mexico Legislature to approve a 1972-73 state appropriation totaling $290.4 million, putting a heavy emphasis on l focus on economic development and law enforcement.

January 18, 1997: Gov. Gary Johnson on Friday offered to partially fund the construction of new prisons with nearly $53 million in upfront tax bonds, which is revenue often used by the Legislature to pay for so-called barrel projects. pig of individual legislators.