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The eye of the storm | Restaurants


Like most kitchens at dinnertime, it’s a sea of ​​contained chaos.

But in this seemingly free-for-all setting, chef Fernando Olea is the rock that separates the sea. At Sazón, he’s the boss.

You’ve probably heard of the restaurant, even if the name Oléa means nothing to you. That’s because Sazón garnered rave reviews in international lists such as Fodor’s Travel and Tripadvisor even before Olea, 71, received the James Beard Foundation award for Best Chef in the Southwest on June 5. at the Chicago ceremony.

kitchen bustle

Sazon’s chef-owner Fernando Olea stirs a mole.

road to success

eye of the storm

Fernando Olea and his ex-wife, Debra, working on orders at Bert’s Burger Bowl

eye of the storm

James Beard Foundation Award winner Fernando Olea visits guests in the Sazón Dining Room.

Service and Inspiration