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Students participating in the annual Clovis Dairy Consortium


A number of students interested in the dairy industry call Clovis home for a few weeks while attending New Mexico State University’s annual Dairy Consortium.

According to NMSU Dairy Extension Specialist Robert Hagevoort, while classes are held at the Curry County Fair Pavilion, students stay at area motels and eat at Clovis restaurants. The program began on May 16 and lasts six weeks.

“Students come here from all over the country,” Hagevoort said. “They come here to learn all about the dairy industry.

Hagevoort said this summer’s session is attended by 50 students.

The consortium has existed for 14 summers, with the exception of summer 2020. Each session is attended by fifty to sixty students.

Hagevoort estimates that over the past 14 years, a total of 600 students from 57 universities have come to Clovis for the event.

Hagevoort says the students represent many majors, including dairy science, animal science, agricultural business, and other majors.

“The dairymen’s children are here too,” Hagevoort said. “From feeding the cows to treating the cows, they come to understand everything about the dairy industry.”

Consortium students visit 20-30 dairies in eastern New Mexico and western Texas during their stay.

The purpose of such trips, according to Hagevoort, is to learn that there are different ways of doing things.