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Strong canyon winds will affect central New Mexico Wednesday night


Grant’s Wednesday Night Forecast

A canyon wind will bring very strong wind gusts to the Rio Grande Valley Wednesday evening. Isolated storms will be possible from the Rio Grande Valley to eastern New Mexico on Thursday.

Strong to severe storms will continue to be possible in southeastern New Mexico through tonight. Meanwhile, a cold front will push west late tonight through gaps in the central mountain range, bringing wind gusts of 45 to 60 mph to the central Rio Grande Valley, including Albuquerque. These easterly winds will also bring a large increase in surface moisture to the state of Arizona by Thursday morning.

A weak upper-level disturbance will cross New Mexico on Thursday afternoon. This will provide lift over the area of ​​surface moisture and produce showers and thunderstorms. Isolated storms will begin over the Rio Grande Valley and move eastward in the evening. The storms will become more dispersed as they move into eastern New Mexico. A few storms could become strong again on Thursday.

On Friday, westerly winds will begin to return to the western half of New Mexico pushing moisture eastward by Friday afternoon. However, there is still a chance for a few isolated showers and storms in eastern New Mexico on Friday afternoon.

Westerly winds prevail this weekend, however, bringing dry air across the state along with warmer weather. Temperatures will continue to climb next week with persistent dry weather and at times windy conditions.