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State workers recognized for helping New Mexicans find jobs amid pandemic



Damron is an NMDVR advisor and supervisor for other employees in Clovis, Roswell, Hobbs and Carlsbad.

In addition to her job, she has mentored other people in her office.

“We have always continued to provide service, but it has been in a different way,” said Damron. “It was also very emotional, you know, for a lot of the employees, and it’s hard to do the job without being in front of the person.”

Many people in the department are juggling large workloads and sometimes hundreds of clients.

Sainz is an Albuquerque-based NMDVR technology with multiple records of hundreds of people.

“We’ve had a lot of customers who, you know, got jobs right before COVID hit, and then because of the restaurant closings, you know, customers lost their jobs,” Sainz said.

Helping customers was often more difficult in a virtual environment.

“There have been some that are really, really good with the online environment, and then some of them just can’t, can’t do it,” Damron said.

“It was a challenge for all of us,” Sainz said.

But it’s what they did – despite these challenges – that got the state to recognize Damron and Sainz for their work.

“Every year we ask for nominations for those who go beyond the agency,” said Tracy Agiovlasitis of the New Mexico State Rehabilitation Council.

Damron and Sainz have been nominated by their peers to go above and beyond.

“Something can happen to someone in their life, and then they can’t do the job they always did. And then, oh my God, who do I turn to from here? , it’s just a real example of people supporting people, ”Agiovlasitis explained.

“I’m really honored. I’m really, really honored,” Sainz said.

“It’s been a tough year, but it’s also a time where we’ve had to come together in a different way,” said Damron.

Now that more and more businesses are opening up, they are ready to keep moving forward and take on the next challenge ahead.

“It’s really hard work, and it takes heart,” Agiovlasitis said.

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