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State lawmakers are starting to track how federal relief funds have been spent


On Wednesday, state lawmakers on the Legislative Finance Committee received an update from Department of Finance and Administration Secretary Debbie Romero on how those dollars were spent.

“We have approximately $5.5 million that we were going to withdraw from agencies, but we still have the ability to obligate those funds, so our intention for DFA and the State of New Mexico is to ensure that no penny is returned to the federal government. government of this Cares Act money,” Romero said.

As for the state’s emergency rental assistance program, Romero said he’s already sent the majority of those funds to help keep people from being evicted.

“The first pot of money was $172 million, that’s what was budgeted and we spent, there’s only about $34 million left of the PARE 1 money. That means we have actually doing a really good job of making sure the money gets to those who need it the most, Romero said.

Romero said the state is now working to launch an online dashboard to easily track where federal American Rescue Plan Act COVID relief funds have been spent.

“Our biggest challenge is knowing what’s happening in the state of New Mexico and keeping track of everything. And so we are in the process – I would say in a few weeks, four weeks, of rolling out this ARPA dashboard,” Romero said.