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Sheldon Friedman, “Thirsty to Learn” Former Real Estate Broker, Dies at 88


Sheldon B. Friedman, a commercial and industrial real estate broker on Long Island since the 1970s with what his family described as a “thirst for learning” and a love for music, passed away on October 6. He was 88 years old.

Friedman, of Woodbury, has been involved in real estate transactions with names such as Goya Foods and Bactolac Pharmaceuticals. Outside of work, he has made sure that family trips are learning moments that expand what has been learned in the textbooks.

“He wanted us to be there and see where these sites were, including the cannons at Fort Ticonderoga, and actually look at the Liberty Bell,” his daughter Joy Fallick of East Northport said, “so that we rather, let’s have an idea of ​​the story. just read about it. “

After working for 25 years at Windsor Knit in the Garment District, then as vice president, Friedman started at Schacker Realty in Melville as a commercial real estate broker in 1978. The career change is remembered by his relatives.

“I really ended up following in my father’s footsteps by doing the exact same thing he did at the same time in my life and for the same company,” said his son Gary Friedman, vice president and partner at Schacker Realty. “His thirst for learning was something I apply to work every day – and his civic spirit.”

Sheldon Friedman, former president of the Commercial Industrial Brokers Society of Long Island, then worked at Coldwell Banker, Greiner-Maltz and Heartland Business Center. He has also often volunteered, making food deliveries for Project HOPE and serving as president of civic associations including the South Park Civic Association and the now defunct Greater Roslyn United Civic Association, his family said.

Outside of work, Friedman’s passions included music and acting, his daughter Lesley Rosenthal of Scarsdale said.

“My love of music comes from him and my mother, and he’s my lifelong companion, thanks to him,” said Rosenthal, director of operations at The Juilliard School, adding that she remembered playing. with his father in a local synagogue.

The music was still in the house, said Friedman’s youngest son Kenny Friedman of Huntington.

“My dad played the guitar and he had the Beatles albums… and my mom played the piano,” he said. “In our house, music was what you used to do.”

Born March 30, 1933 to Margaret and Max Friedman, Sheldon Friedman grew up in Brooklyn. He graduated from what was Brooklyn’s Long Island University with a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

Friedman was first married to Nancy Merblum, and they later divorced. He then married Deanna Robbins Friedman, also of Woodbury.

In addition to his wife, Deanna, and four children, Friedman is survived by three stepchildren, Randi Solis of Lloyd Harbor, Brian Robbins of New York and Maureen Robbins of Albuquerque, New Mexico; six grandchildren and six step-grandchildren.

A funeral at the grave was held on October 10 at Beth Moses Cemetery in Pinelawn.