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Santa Fe declares state of emergency amid upsurge in COVID-19 cases


“We thought we had COVID really under control and everyone did a great job getting us to where we were, then the Delta variant is the new enemy, and unfortunately that puts us back in the deep end,” Alan said. Webber, Mayor of Santa Fe.

Now city workers have to prove they are vaccinated or get tested once a week – or they could face disciplinary action. Masks are also mandatory inside city buildings.

“I really think this is the correct answer to what we are seeing, because this very large increase in new cases, almost all due to the delta variant, affecting almost all unvaccinated people and unfortunately young people who are trying to continue. their lives are more likely to get the Delta variant, ”said Webber.

74% of Santa Fe County residents are fully vaccinated, but Webber said the county averages about 20 new cases per day and hospitalizations are also on the rise.

“It would be really unfortunate, almost tragic, if we fell back into a situation where all the progress, sacrifice and hard work just weren’t enough to get us through this next chapter,” he said.

The state has already required its employees to also get vaccinated or tested every week.


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