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“Rust” Filming: New Mexico Attorney Says Criminal Charges “On The Table”


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Shooting of Alec Baldwin’s movie “Rust”: criminal charges “on the table”, according to district attorney
The accidental shooting on the set of the upcoming western “Rust” could lead to criminal charges, according to a New Mexico district attorney.

Mary Carmack-Altwies, of the state’s First District, told the New York Times authorities “have not ruled anything out” about the future of the case.

Last Thursday, actor Alec Baldwin was rehearsing a scene for the film on a ranch near Santa Fe when he discharged a gun that he was told was cold or “dead.” A projectile from the weapon struck and ultimately killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. Director Joel Souza was also injured but has since been released from a hospital.

“Everything at this point, including the criminal charges, is on the table,” Carmack-Altwies told The Times.

It was still unclear what was loaded into the gun at the time of the shooting, and the district attorney said authorities were focusing on ballistics to determine what was loaded into the gun, according to the Times.

The firearm was handed over to Baldwin by “Rust” deputy director Dave Halls, who thought the gun was “cold,” meaning he believed it did not contain any form of ammunition or of whites. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR TOP STORY.

In other developments:
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– Gaffer “Rust”, who held Halyna Hutchins in his “arms as she died”, returns to LA after tragedy on set
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Parents in Loudoun County demand superintendent, school board to resign after alleged sexual assault email
Parents demanded the resignation of the Loudoun County School Board in Virginia and Superintendent Scott Ziegler at a school board meeting on Tuesday, citing an email that surfaced last week.

In the email, Ziegler alerted the board of directors to a report of alleged sexual assault in the girls’ bathroom on May 28, about a month before publicly stating that he had no record of assaults in the toilets.

“You buried a sexual assault to protect your precious 8040 policy,” accused the school board Carrie Michon, a grandmother of children in Loudoun County, referring to a pro-transgender policy. “All of you, resign!”

“You just brought hundreds of students out of Loudoun County in protest because they don’t feel safe in schools,” said Erin Smith, a mother in the area. “Did any of you even respond to that May 28 email from Dr. Ziegler? Was that email alarming to anyone?”

Smith also spoke to school board chairperson Brenda Sheridan, who suggested that the parents’ complaints focus on the state governor election on Nov. 2.

“We’re not here to impact the election, Brenda,” she said, promising parents will keep coming back after the election. “Make yourself comfortable because we won’t be leaving.” CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE.

In other developments:
– Loudoun’s parents reunite for potentially explosive school board meeting after alleged assault revelations
– Dozens of Loudoun County students stage boy sex assault walkout in girls’ bathroom
– UVA event defending Thomas Jefferson causes backlash among students, conservative group says
– Teachers union leader praises editorial saying parents have no right to shape children’s agenda

Washington Post hits McAuliffe with four Pinocchios for ‘wildly’ inflating Virginia coronavirus count
Repeated false statements by Virginia Democratic candidate for governor Terry McAuliffe about the number of coronavirus cases and hospitalizations in the state came to a head on Tuesday as The Washington Post gave him its worst possible lie rating of four Pinocchios.

“The pandemic will continue to be a serious political challenge for the next governor of Virginia, but there is no reason for McAuliffe to make any hype. He is winning four Pinocchios,” wrote Glenn Kessler, resident fact-checker at the Post, after describing each repeated case by McAuliffe. the wrong numbers. “He offers hugely inflated figures for child hospitalizations, again suggesting that these were daily figures and twice claiming that these many children were in intensive care. Instead, he appears to be quoting a figure. for all children hospitalized with covid-19 in Virginia in the past 19 months – which is still bloated. “

“Speaking of the coronavirus threat to the state, McAuliffe frequently touts the numbers – often misleading numbers on the impact on children,” Kessler wrote. “When we first asked the McAuliffe campaign about its numbers, we were told it was a slip of the tongue. Okay, we understand that, and so we did a fact check. But then its tongue continued to slide. “

Kessler wrote that The Post first looked at McAuliffe’s numbers on September 28 when he claimed, during the gubernatorial debate against Republican businessman Glenn Youngkin, that there had been 8,000 new cases of coronavirus in Virginia the day before. He then repeated the claim the next day, and then again on October 7, in a radio interview.

McAuliffe has continued to make false statements about the number of children in intensive care beds, as well as the number of new coronavirus cases in the state outside of the weekend numbers, on several occasions over the years. following weeks, Kessler added. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE.

In other developments:
– Biden ‘stumbles’ briefly during speech at McAuliffe rally, critics take notice
– Clinton running mate Tim Kaine compares Virginia Youngkin to January 6 rioters at McAuliffe rally
– Hannity warns McAuliffe after rally: “Everything Joe Biden touches implodes”
– McAuliffe dances on stage next to Biden and Internet chimes in
– Brit Hume: McAuliffe’s defeat will be seen as a “political earthquake” for Democrats as they approach mid-terms
– Biden echoes McAuliffe’s claim that Youngkin wants to ban books


– McConnell joins Trump and backs Herschel Walker in GOP Senate primary in Georgia in 2022
– NBC News editorial accuses Sinema of pushing negative bisexual stereotypes of being “greedy” and “unreliable”
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– Biden’s spending bill will include $ 500 billion for climate action, chief of staff says
– Google ads generate profits for parent company Alphabet
– Manchin: raising the debt ceiling thanks to budget reconciliation is the “responsibility” of Dems
– Senate deputies publish a minimum corporate tax proposal for the expenditure bill
– Biden issues ‘gender equity’ plan that calls for elimination of cash bond


Sean hannity Tuesday night got a warning for Virginia gubernatorial hope Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat who hosted President Biden at a rally in Arlington earlier today.

“I hate to tell you, Terry. Everything Joe Biden touches implodes,” the host said on “Hannity. “

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