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Rising gas prices? Local expert explains high fuel prices in El Paso


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – With gas prices in El Paso higher than in most cities in the state, a local expert said one of those reasons was related to the treatment of migrants.

“Numerically we’re leading the pack, but we’re really not that different from anywhere else in the region,” said Tom Fullerton, professor of economics at UTEP.

According to AAA, in El Paso, the average price per gallon of unleaded gasoline is currently $ 3:02.
In Texas, the average is $ 2.81 per gallon, but El Paso is currently closer to the national average of $ 3.19.

El Pasoans say they noticed.

“People are trying to travel and it just costs us more money,” said El Pasoan William Cook.

“It makes things more complicated,” Marcus Hinojosa said.

“I used to spend $ 15-20, now I spend $ 30- $ 40 just on gasoline,” said Simon Garcia, also from El Pasoan.

Fullerton said El Paso is seeing increased institutional demand for gasoline and diesel.

“This is because of all the problems associated with the mass migration out of Central America as well as the arrival of Afghan refugees and village camps in New Mexico on the grounds of Fort Bliss,” said Fullerton.

But he said higher prices are a sign of good news for our community.

“Anytime the economy gets stronger, it almost always translates into higher prices for gasoline and diesel,” Fullerton said.

AAA said that while oil prices are up, prices in El Paso have actually gone down over the past week.

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