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Rare two-party system – most NJ voters want SALT cap removed


Whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, millennial or senior, male or female, there is one thing we all support: more money in our pockets.

According to results released Monday, 63% of Garden State voters in a Fairleigh Dickinson University poll said they were in favor of removing the $ 10,000 federal cap on state and local taxes that came into effect in 2017.

The full reinstatement of the property tax deduction received at least 60% support from Democrats (63%), Republicans (64%) and independent voters (60%). More than 800 New Jerseyans were surveyed.

The cap on state and local taxes that can be deducted from federal taxes, better known as the SALT cap, has been seen as an attack on Democratic states, especially high-tax states such as New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. The average tax burden in many New Jersey counties exceeds $ 10,000.

“This is one of the few questions you will ever find that has a bipartisan agreement,” said Dan Cassino, executive director of the poll and professor of government and politics at the FDU. “If anything wins over partisan politics, it’s real money.”

For half of those polled, the poll mentioned President Trump’s role in the cap and asked if it should be removed. The responses did not register any significant difference from the responses of people who were asked the question without noting Trump.

“There may be good reasons to support the SALT cap, as it is a tax increase that primarily hits the wealthiest people,” Cassino said. “But there aren’t a lot of people who see their taxes going up and think it’s a good thing.”

About a third of voters said the SALT cap increased their taxes, 28% said no and 30% said they were unsure whether it increased their taxes or not.

Opposition to the SALT deduction cap, according to the poll, is concentrated among voters most likely to own a home: older, more educated people.

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