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Petition for Fourth Stimulus, State Economic Stimulus, Golden State Checks, and Child Tax Credits


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A petition for a fourth stimulus check has been making its way onto the internet since last year, and as of September 25, it had reached 2.9 million signatures – and it continues. But the reality is that a fourth check is not on its way.

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In fact, a recent study suggests that the amount of stimulus money pouring into the US economy may be part of the reason why the country is currently experiencing high levels of inflation. However, The Paris-based economic policy group, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, predicts that without the stimulus, inflation would be worse.

With all the rumors of a fourth stimulus, who actually got the extra money?

Californians received money from Governor Gavin Newsom through a budget surplus. Golden State stimulus checks are being mailed out this month for amounts up to $ 1,100.

Other states provide their own rescue versions. For example, Colorado residents who received an unemployment check between March and October got $ 375. In Maryland, stimulus payments of $ 300 for people who filed for the income tax credit and $ 500 for families who filed. New Mexico and New York are providing assistance to people, including undocumented workers, who have not received federal stimulus money.

The teachers also received thank you money. In Florida, checks for $ 1,000 were given to teachers and other first responders. Georgia, Hawaii, Michigan and Tennessee plan to give teachers $ 500 or $ 1,000 in bonuses by the end of the year.

Parents receive help paying for their children’s expenses through the advance payments of the Child Tax Credit. This stimulus offers a tax deduction commonly used before tax filing. Depending on the number of children in a family and their age, the amount of money sent changes. In September, the child tax credit helped $ 15 billion in stimulus funds reach 35 million families.

Seniors may see an increase in Social Security payments next year. The increase in the cost of living appears to be the biggest increase on record at 6% with rising inflation and gas prices pushing the number up. However, this will not make essentials like food more affordable. The Senior Citizen’s League is calling for seniors to get their own fourth stimulus check to cover actual increases in the cost of living.

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There is good news for anyone who has so far not been eligible for federal or child tax credit audits. If you haven’t filed your 2020 taxes, you can still do so and receive the stimulus money. If taxes are filed before these crucial dates in November, one or more checks could end up in your pocket. Find out more here.

If you’ve filed your taxes for 2020, you’ll need to call the IRS and find out what’s going on. This number can be found here.

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Last updated: September 28, 2021

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