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Parent Education Can Sometimes Fail | Letters to the Editor


Recently, I listened on Zoom to the Department of Public Education’s hearing on proposed social studies standards for New Mexico (“History in the balance,” November 13).

It was clear that many people from diverse backgrounds, and especially those with degrees, were strongly in favor of the proposed changes, as well as many parents and grandparents, who also supported the proposal.

What surprised me is that many parents opposed to the changes feel disenfranchised and that they are the best educators of their children.

I was raised by a loving parent, a real estate broker by trade, who said to me, “Son, if a black family moved into our block at East 25th Street, Brooklyn, New York, all the people in that block would move out.” . “

Too bad for the education of a parent.

Fortunately, I have been “educated” by other teachers who have taught me to respect my neighbors, whatever their race or origin.

I have listened to those who oppose anything new or “critical” as being false, for example critical theory of race, diversity and identity awareness and everything associated with it. gender identity – all were a no-go zone.

I felt like I was in a time lag where these issues were off the radar of these people, never to be mentioned in a classroom.

I am writing this because I am convinced that the education / school board issue will be a main platform for the upcoming elections and we will neglect it at our peril. Organize now to support the proposed social studies standards.

Even the famous poet Robert Louis Stevenson struggled with the weather. Remember the poem from your childhood: “In winter, I get up at night / and I dress by the light of yellow candles / In summer, it’s just the opposite / I have to go to bed during the day. And there was no daylight saving time when he wrote.

If some people don’t believe in COVID-19 or vaccines, then why are they going to the hospital for treatment instead of staying at home and letting God take care of them?

For women in Texas who turn to abortion by mail, will I (under Texas law) be able to sue for $ 10,000 the US Postal Service mailman who delivered this mail? What about the U.S. Postal Service personnel who sorted it out?

The author of the letter should do some research

Timothy Farrell’s Letter (“Response to Iniquity,”

November 13) is not correct. He says there is no evidence that white supremacy produces disparities over generations.

All you need to do is type “scholarly evidence articles for the effects of structural racism” into a search engine. One can find 1000 research articles published in academic journals that contradict Farrell. History shows that racism has existed across generations (e.g. slavery, end of reconstruction, broken treaties, Jim Crow laws, redlining, immigration laws, etc.). His claim that millions of poor people and people of color have been successful is absolutism, not proof.

Structural racism doesn’t stop everyone from being successful. It produces an uneven field, making it more difficult for the poor and people of color to succeed. For example, Texas is closing polling stations in minority neighborhoods.

People can still vote, but obstacles make it more difficult, preventing some from voting. He refers to Thomas Sowell without revealing what Sowell wrote. Sowell is a libertarian.

Sowell, who is black, says systemic racism is untested (but see the 1,000 peer-reviewed articles). He opposes affirmative action and says black people are poor because they don’t produce.

White privilege can be blatant (KKK), but it also persistently lurks in plain sight through misinformation and obfuscation.

Here’s a suggestion to improve traffic flow on Cerrillos Road: Make all businesses add address numbers to their buildings, so you can see them while driving.

Tourists and other visitors to Santa Fe would have a better chance of driving safely.