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New Mexico State Employment Program Aims To Hire People With Developmental Disabilities | KAMR


SANTA FE, NM (KAMR / KCIT) – The New Mexico Developmental Disorders Board (NMDDC) announced the Marilyn Martinez State Jobs program to close National Disability Employment Awareness Month. The program was designed in partnership with state agencies to recruit and train New Mexicans with developmental disabilities for state government jobs.

“Through the Marilyn Martinez State Jobs program, the state government will lead the way in creating inclusive and highly effective workplaces in New Mexico that deeply value the many contributions that people with developmental disabilities can make,” said the executive director of the NMDDC. Alice Liu McCoy. “Marilyn Martinez has worked for decades to break down barriers for New Mexicans living with DD. She has tirelessly defended many fundamental rights that most of us take for granted: the right to live independently, to marry and to earn a living. We are proud to continue the work of Marilyn in our state.

The NMDDC said it plans to work with agencies to “identify and create inclusive employment opportunities,” including job training, developing employment supports and providing assistance with claims. employment for state government positions. Anyone with a developmental disability is eligible to apply for the program, according to the NMDDC, for the purpose of having people with developmental disabilities, “in every state department in New Mexico.”

“People with disabilities are a tremendous asset to the workforce,” said Dan Drury, acting director of the New Mexico Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, a state agency that helps people with disabilities find a job. use. “The benefits of hiring people with disabilities include higher profitability, competitive advantage, an inclusive work culture and capacity awareness. It’s time we harnessed these benefits in state agencies to better serve the people of New Mexico. “

Applications are open on November 1 and those interested must submit a curriculum vitae and letter of interest. Documents and questions about the program can be sent to NMDDC Acting COO Joe Turk at [email protected]

In 2021, the New Mexico state minimum wage was $ 10.50 an hour, with plans to drop to $ 11.50 an hour by 2022. However, under statute 50-4-23, employers can obtain special certificates allowing them to pay people with disabilities a “lower wage”, which could be as low as 50% of the minimum wage rate. This is related to federal law under the Fair Wages and Labor Standards Act which allows lower wages, with employer certifications, to be paid to disabled workers.

However, according to NMDDC Executive Director Alice Liu McCoy, people with disabilities who apply for positions in the state government through the employment program will receive the same amount as other applicants for employment outside of the State. program.


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