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New Mexico ski resorts gear up for opening day


NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – The ski season in New Mexico is underway and two of the state’s most popular mountains open their doors this week. After a hot, dry fall, the resorts worked to make sure they could accommodate people in the mountains on opening days.

Some might say this is the most wonderful time of year for ski and snow enthusiasts. “Every time we finally get to opening day, it’s an exciting time around the ski area,” said Tommy Long, director of operations at Ski Santa Fe.

Ski Santa Fe and Taos Ski Valley have been working for months to prepare, including installing ski lifts, renting and making up for mother nature’s shortcomings this year.

“We’re a ski mountain, aren’t we? So whether it’s snowing or not, we have to prepare, ”said Tania McCormack, Marketing Director at Taos Ski Valley.

Since October 1, the state’s mountains have seen less than 20% of the humidity they typically see.

“Mother Nature has been a little less forgiving this year than she can be,” Long said. “We had to deal with warmer temperatures and humidity was hard to find, but you can never be too picky, we only had five inches of natural snow and we were able to have snow. “

However, Long said even warmer temperatures made it harder to make the snow. Temperatures have cooled and things are improving now. “The temperature started to drop so that worked in our favor last week,” McCormack said.

Both resorts focused on creating snow for the start of the season. Ski Santa Fe is about to open with a base of 20 inches of artificial snow. Taos Ski Valley said its new track and 13 new high efficiency snow guns got them ready for their opening day on Saturday.

“Has Mother Nature been particularly in our favor this season? Not quite, but we still have hope and we were able to make the snow we needed to do, ”said McCormack.

This week’s cooler temperatures also bring a few inches of real snow to each mountain, helping both resorts be ready for people to hit the slopes.

“It snowed two inches last night, it’s snowing a little bit today, so we’re just getting more and more excited,” said McCormack. “We open tomorrow. We’ve been working on it since the summer. Anything we can do to spread this love and share with everyone around us, get off, it’s gonna be so much fun.

Ski Santa Fe and Taos Ski Valley will be opening a few trails on opening day and plan to open more as the season progresses.

Last year, ski resorts had strict capacity limits due to COVID-19. These disappeared this year, but Ski Santa Fe and Taos Ski Valley are keeping their ticketing systems online and encouraging people to purchase tickets online in advance.

For more information on Ski Santa Fe, visit skisantafe.com.


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