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New Mexico gubernatorial candidates share their economic plans


ALBUQUERQUE, NM — We are learning more about where the two gubernatorial candidates stand on our state’s economy and rising inflation.

Republican candidate Mark Ronchetti held a press conference on Thursday afternoon, announcing his economic stimulus and inflation-fighting plan which includes 8 steps.

Tax cuts for low- and middle-income New Mexicans, an annual oil and gas rebate for every New Mexican, a small business bailout, business attraction to New Mexico, increasing oil and gas production, investing in infrastructure, limiting government spending, and strengthening our state workforce.

“The state of New Mexico and especially our government has never been bigger and richer than it is today. It is 40% bigger than it was when this governor took over” , said Rocnhetti. “What I would ask New Mexicans is, is your life better because of this? And for far too many New Mexicans, the answer is no, it’s not.

KOB 4 contacted Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s campaign and requested an interview about her plans.

A spokesperson sent out a statement touting his accomplishments.

According to the campaign, New Mexico is now among the top ten states for job growth. The campaign also highlighted up to $15,000 in taxpayer rebates, reduced income and gross receipts taxes, and reduced child care costs.

According to the spokesperson, Ronchetti, “…does not know the issues facing New Mexicans and therefore cannot and will not provide cost-effective solutions that help New Mexicans on a daily basis.”

We expect to hear a lot more about both campaigns as we get closer to the election and prices continue to rise.