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New Mexico Democrats hold pre-primary nominating convention


ROSWELL, NM (AP) — The New Mexico Democratic Party traveled to Republican-rich Roswell for a pre-primary nominating convention.

Officials presented the party’s slate of candidates for the June 7 primary elections, an unofficial start to the campaign season for contested nominations for attorney general and other positions.

Mail-in voting and in-person voting at county clerks’ offices begin May 10.

At Saturday’s nominating convention, party leaders and candidates called for unity and to push voters to vote in what looks like a tough election in November.

“The shadow that was cast by our narrow defeats last year hangs over the 2022 midterms,” ​​Ken Martin, vice chairman of the Democratic National Committee, told the crowd of about 300.

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, unopposed for the Democratic nomination, has urged Democrats to run in midterm elections this fall.

In a statement, New Mexico Republican Party Chairman Steve Pearce called the Democrats’ convention a “Democrat makeover.”

But unlike the recent Republican Party convention, Democratic delegates will vote entirely online or by phone. The voting period extends until Wednesday and the results will be published on March 13.