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New lines, new odds in New Mexico


ANALYSIS – While Republicans can draw new lines in Congress in some of the larger states, including Texas, Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina, Democrats are trying to reduce that edge in the small states where they are. cartographers.

New Mexico is one of seven states where Democrats control the redistribution process. But in their efforts to win another seat and sweep the congressional delegation out of the state, Democrats may have endangered their own incumbents.

Republicans need a net gain of just five seats nationwide to regain a majority in the House, and the GOP benefits from the national political environment and President Joe’s plummeting job approval ratings Biden. Democrats must therefore eliminate all seats, wherever they can.

1st district (Melanie Stansbury, D)

In the 2000s, Republicans called on Heather A. Wilson, cycle after cycle, to lock down the competitive 1st District. But over the past decade, the Albuquerque-based seat has turned Democrat, becoming a stepping stone for current Senator Martin Heinrich, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham and Home Secretary Deb Haaland.

This round of redistribution, the Democrats have chosen to take the Democratic voters of western Bernalillo County and place them in the 2nd arrondissement in order to make this seat more competitive. It makes life more difficult for Democratic 1st District incumbent Melanie Stansbury, who will run for reelection in a seat Joe Biden would have won by 14 points instead of his current seat which he won by 23 points. It’s probably still out of reach for Republicans, even in a GOP wave, but the MP cannot take her race for granted. Initial assessment: Strong democratic.