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More jobs expected to be created in Biden’s new infrastructure bill


Over the next few years, the $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure bill passed in the House of Congress is expected to significantly boost growth and jobs in the country.

Infrastructure Bill to create more jobs for Americans. (Photo: The Commercial Year)

Bill on infrastructure to promote job growth

In an article recently published in the Washington Post, President Biden claimed for months that his infrastructure plan, which was approved by the House on Friday, and his “Build Back Better” plan, which is gaining traction, would help l economy for years. to come.

Meanwhile, economists generally believe the legislation is likely to boost prosperity and job creation in the long run, even if there is less confidence in how much debt the bills will add to US debt and the effect they would have on the economy in the short term. term.

Now that the infrastructure package has been enacted and the other bill appears to be moving forward, Biden’s vision for remaking the economy is becoming clearer. Biden said the bill “will create millions of jobs, turn the climate problem into an opportunity and put us on the path to victory in the 21st century economic race” in a statement released after the House vote. , according to a report. published on CNBC.

Bill tries to get Americans working outside their homes

After decades of hardship for low-income and middle-class Americans, Biden’s sweeping initiatives aim to improve the country’s productive potential, increase the number of Americans working outside the home, and establish a fairer and more equitable economy.

The wealthiest Americans have moved further away from the rest of the country in recent decades, and the pandemic has made those gaps even more evident. Biden and Democrats have argued for a more balanced economy that lifts more people out of poverty. Now is the time to put this political and economic experience to the test.

Needless to say, the infrastructure bill is a significant investment in roads, bridges, ports, pipelines and other infrastructure that is supposed to simplify business, delivery of goods and travel in the United States. , which also means creating more jobs for Americans.


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