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Los Alamos County Library, NMSU Presents Virtual Program May 12 on Vegetable Gardening in New Mexico – Los Alamos Reporter


Registration is required for a May 12 virtual class by NMSU Food Systems Specialist Sally Cassady on “Vegetable Gardening in New Mexico.” Photo courtesy of LAC


Los Alamos County Library staff will present ‘Vegetable Gardening in New Mexico’, a virtual program with New Mexico State University (NMSU) food systems specialist Sally Cassady. This program is free to the public and will be streamed live from 7-8 p.m. Thursday, May 12 via Zoom.

Attendees can expect to receive expert advice on how to make their vegetable gardens successful in New Mexico’s unique climate.

Cassady holds a master’s degree in public health with a focus on health behavior and health promotion.

“I started with the nutrition side of health education, but due to many factors, I quickly discovered that I wanted to work more on reconnecting people with their food sources. I want to give people the ways to grow their own food, Cassady said.

She started her own vegetable gardening journey in 2012 during an internship at the Tucson Village Farm in Tucson, Arizona. She moved to New Mexico in 2017 and has been growing vegetables (personally and professionally) ever since. She has completed Master Gardener programs in Arizona and New Mexico and is a lifelong learner who works closely with NMSU gardening specialists.

Cassady has been working with beginning gardeners and experienced gardeners who are new to New Mexico since 2018. She says many who fall into these categories experience similar challenges with soil, water, and intense sun and wind. This program will cover three tips that address these challenges and will include valuable resources from NMSU to enable participants to continue their learning journey after completing the program.

This program is free to the public and will be broadcast live via Zoom. Registration is required to attend. Please see the calendar of events at LosAlamosLibrary.org for more information. Do you have questions or need help registering? Dial (505) 662-8257. This program is made possible by the Friends of Los Alamos County Libraries and New Mexico State University.