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Local Manufacturers Talk About Success Strategies During SEA Webinar


Manufacturing officials explained how their entities have been successful and extended their reach beyond Rio Rancho during Thursday’s webinar, reiterating their roles as part of Manufacturing Awareness Month.

Sandoval Economic Alliance hosted the webinar.

Jennifer Sinsabaugh, CEO of New Mexico Manufacturing Extension Partnership, told SEA that her company’s primary goal is to overcome barriers to growth, from inventors to manufacturers.

The organization specializes in computer electronics, petroleum and coal related products, as well as food and beverage manufacturing.

The latter has been the fastest growing industry over the past three years, she said. She also said the New Mexico MEP is trying to create a culture of “beyond our borders” cuisine out of New Mexico.

She wants to promote manufacturing in New Mexico by organizing tours and speaking in schools.

David Patterson, CEO of a fluorescent and LED lighting products company called Insight Lighting, said in a pre-recorded video presentation that his business “has matured” from creating LED products for display on tall buildings to using them. inside office buildings and conference rooms.

Although he noted that employment was an issue before the COVID-19 pandemic, he said Insight Lighting has kept many of its jobs thanks to favorable salary levels.

“Our rate of pay has stayed the same or increased,” he said.

Gordon Moore, CEO of a Rio Rancho-based television production company called Lectrosonics Inc., said in a pre-recorded video presentation that his company has retained its state exemption to resume operations during COVID shutdowns due to its involvement in the media production industry.

He said receivers, antennas and other parts are made under the Lectrosonics roof, and the company makes wireless microphones for the harsher and demanding environments during filming.

Moore also said that Lectrosonics, which has 135 employees, generates $ 10.5 million per year for the local economy.

“The employees are very proud of what they contribute… It’s a fun industry,” he said.

Alex Koglin, CEO of Nature’s Toolbox, said his company is exploring the development of mRNA-based technology. Christopher Cisneros, senior human resources generalist at US Cotton, said items such as cotton swabs used for COVID testing are being made in Rio Rancho under contract with the US government.


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