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Letter to the Editor – July 24


Concerned about the money spent on the shooting range project

This letter refers to your September 29 newspaper article about City Manager Justin Howalt showing the progress of the Clovis Ranges at Ned Houk Park.

Its scheduled opening date of the $3.7 million shooting complex was supposed to take place around next month and definitely before the end of 2021. This shooting center was announced and built to be a “state of the art” complex. Technology” for eastern New Mexico and surrounding areas. He was promoted as an advantage for youth shooting teams in this region.

Moving on to last week, the facility is vacant, overgrown with weeds and covered in trash. The city of Clovis and the New Mexico Department of Fish and Game have shown no activity to open the facility to the public, for which it was designed and built more than a year ago.

Myself, as a Curry County taxpayer for over 50 years, I am very concerned about the money spent and what the future holds for this $3.7 million facility.

My question is how and when will the city move forward with this project. Taxpayers need to know. Additionally, the young people it was designed for were promised a place where their shooting teams could train and shoot competitively. At present, it is unclear when and if this will ever happen.

Bill Myer