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Let’s talk about the NM United Stadium proposal


Let’s Talk New Mexico 12/7 8am: If you’ve seen black and gold t-shirts, jerseys, and flags around Albuquerque, you’ve seen New Mexico United fans. The professional soccer team has been creating excitement in our state since the team was announced in 2018, and their home games at Isotopes Park are almost always sold out. Recently, New Mexico United and the City of Albuquerque released a proposal for a new 10,000 to 12,000-seat stadium to serve as the team’s home. The cost? About $ 65 to $ 75 million. The location? It is to be determined. So far, the city’s favorite sights are in downtown Albuquerque: 2nd Street and Iron Avenue, or Coal Avenue and Broadway Boulevard. While fans of the team are excited about the new plans, many people living in these areas are not very happy with the suggestions.

On this week’s Let’s Talk New Mexico show, we’re going to tackle the big questions about United Arena. Do we need a new stadium and at what cost? How can the team and the City ensure that they take into account the needs of the residents of the neighborhood when planning this new stadium? How to preserve the character and the composition of these historic districts in the face of this possible evolution? And what about the cost of the arena itself? How much will taxpayers be prepared to pay?

Whether you’re a New Mexico United fan or not, we want to hear from you! Will projects at this stage affect you and your neighborhood? Or, if you live outside of Albuquerque, do you see major projects like this in your community? Are you concerned about how they might change the character of the area where you live? Or do you think New Mexico needs more of this type of development? Let’s talk about it. Email: [email protected], tweet #letstalkNM or call during the live show.


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