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IATSE members start voting on possible strike


A local cinema worker, who wishes to remain anonymous, said working conditions on many film sets are unsafe.

“The working hours of cinema workers are very brutal,” she said. “It’s not uncommon in the industry to work more than 12, 2, 6, sometimes it’s five, six, or even seven days a week, and that’s dangerous.”

The Instagram account @ia_stories shares the experiences of film workers. Several articles highlight car accidents after long shifts.

“Getting home to your family when you are sleep deprived becomes that much more difficult,” the film employee said. “Workers deserve rest. “

According to the Santa Fe New Mexican, 1,600 union members are based in New Mexico and are currently working on 11 productions.

“I think New Mexico, in particular, is in a really good and unique place,” said the worker we spoke with. “It’s exciting to see this whole movie take off here in New Mexico, but Hollywood, for generations, has tapped into and New Mexico film doesn’t have to follow in Hollywood’s footsteps. We can establish our own. rules and I think we should try. “

The New Mexico Film Office sent KOB 4 this statement:

“The film and television industry is a key sector of the New Mexico economy, injecting $ 624 million in direct spending and providing jobs for thousands of New Mexicans. We hope, in the event of a strike, that an agreement between the Alliance of Film and Television Producers (AMPTP) and the International Alliance of Theater Employees (IATSE) can be contacted quickly and the issues involved are resolved in good faith so that this thriving industry benefiting so many communities in New Mexico and New Mexico may continue to function.

Potential impact on New Mexico:

The film and television industry is a key sector of the New Mexico economy and this would result in a production hiatus for many projects, but not all active productions in New Mexico would be affected.


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