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Coldwell Banker Trails West Realty joins Coldwell Banker Mountain Properties

Exciting times are brewing for management broker Beverly Chapman and her fellow associates of what until recently was Coldwell Banker Trails West Realty.

On June 16, their office joined the Mountain West-focused global luxury industry and is now renamed Coldwell Banker Mountain Properties.

“We were shocked in May when we found out. But we are all very excited, ”said Chapman, adding that“ the new owners are absolutely fabulous, and we are delighted to be working with them. “

The Coldwell Banker Mountain Properties franchise was launched in 1984 and now has offices in Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and New Mexico. His specialty is increasing sales of luxury homes in resort towns such as Vail and Breckenridge, Colorado, Jackson Hole, Wyo., Angel Fire, Taos and now Santa Fe.

“We have 14 offices in 12 cities,” said Julia Paretti, president of Mountain Properties. “Our niche is luxury mountain resort properties. Santa Fe is in our niche; it has mountains, a ski area and a good resort aspect. She added that the organization has 200 officers and since 2015 business has doubled every two years.

Buying Trails West Realty won’t change the personalized flavor of the Santa Fe office, but it will expand its channels.

“It’s a more sophisticated look, in terms of branding. Because we’re big, we can deliver marketing and advertising programs that an independent firm couldn’t afford. We will expand the reach, ”Paretti said.

Mountain Properties Managing Director Dennis Saffell is equally enthusiastic.

“There is no place more exciting than Santa Fe,” he said. “The Santa Fe real estate market is a rock-solid economy. If you look at all of our markets, the lowest volatility and the highest potential is in Santa Fe and Taos. From a single location, we can serve the surrounding towns.

Saffell said he sees increased potential in Santa Fe. “COVID has taught people they can work from anywhere. People can work from where they want to be, they can live where they want, ”he said. “Santa Fe has the restaurants, amenities, galleries, weather, and quality of life. There are seasons, but they are not extreme.

“We are seeing a huge influx from California because it makes so much sense,” he added. “If you own an $ 800,000 two-bedroom condo in Los Angeles, Santa Fe, that $ 880,000 buys you a really nice house, probably with a pool. People are really realizing the value of Santa Fe. ”

Mountain Properties still has other expansion plans. “The long-term strategy is to have multiple small offices in all of Santa Fe’s key locations – the Rail Yard, the Plaza, Canyon Road, etc.,” Saffell said.

Chapman’s team is ready for it. “We have 35 brokers in this office here now and we look forward to opening another office here in Santa Fe,” she said.

“We’re just super excited. The team we have acquired in Santa Fe couldn’t be better. They are a great group, ”said Saffell.

To view the properties available on this network, visit www.santafe.realestate.

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