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Holocaust expert to speak on reparations


As part of the “How Did the Holocaust Affect …?” Eight-week seminar, Professor Kathy Powers of the University of New Mexico will present a talk titled “Germany’s Reparations in the United States and Beyond.” This conference is organized by the Campus Outreach Lecture Program of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Registration is required.

The COLP program is made possible through the generosity of the Curt C. and Else Silberman Foundation, which supports higher education programs that promote, protect and strengthen Jewish values ​​in democracy, human rights, ethical leadership and of cultural pluralism.

“How did the Holocaust affect …?” Explored the roots, history, conditions and effects of the Nazi genocide against Jews in a series of presentations relating to various fields of study. Topics for discussion included Holocaust education in the United States and Arkansas, the establishment of the IRB, Soviet national memory, Albert Einstein’s political activism, the Holocaust in cinema and the literature, various histories of Jewish cultures, and issues related to anti-Semitism and racism in the United States. Students pursue research projects related to their own areas of interest, ranging from agriculture to sociology, and will share resources with the public through the course website (link below). On the course website, you will find recordings of several of the lectures, more information about the course and our presenters, and a link to register for the conference on December 2.

“How did the Holocaust affect …?” Is made possible through donor support, ensuring that our presenters are paid for their work.