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Hey New Mexico, more government won’t save you


In Sen. Pete Campos’ Sept. 30 letter to the Albuquerque Journal, he informed us that “children cannot succeed unless they are healthy, with good food and air and water. clean, safe homes and schools and nurturing environments. Parents cannot help them succeed if they are stressed and unprepared, damaged by their own childhood and poverty. Companies will not want to invest in communities if there is no quality of life or skilled workers. And the state cannot succeed if the economy is failing, if taxes scare away business, or if tax policy serves business but fails to generate the revenue needed for essential services.

Fortunately, according to the Senate Finance Committee, the government, with the “unprecedented influx of one-time federal stimulus money,” can finally fix education, public health, public safety, crime, transportation, our home environments, poverty, workforce development, economic growth and lower taxes. These investments — the subsidies — can get us out of the oil and gas industry. Our quality of life will finally improve because the government will improve it.

Oh good? Only more and expanded government programs can save us? Children can’t succeed in school without help from the government? Parents can’t be successful as parents or workers without more government telling us how? Not the police, not the corporations, not anyone else in the state? So apparently we are the victims here – all of us.

New Mexico has already moved to 30th among states in funding per student and median annual teacher salary of $54,411 with the option to retire after 30 years on 70.5% of their salary. More funding and tapping into “permanent” reserves is not the answer to our poor performance in public schools.

Rather than throwing even more money into even more government initiatives, let’s be bold and do the right thing. How about evaluating how we are spending current funds, making sure our students are in class, making sure we have test scores to measure achievement and progress, making sure we are using the best practices like phonics, to establish honest levels of achievement for each grade level that lead to success after high school, integrating instead of fighting charter school successes and teacher unions have become more focused on students ?

Instead of looking for more government to save us, how about taking a stand and doing the right things, with no excuses for bad behavior or poor performance?

Do we need the government to tell us not to use drugs? Don’t condone or ignore drug use – seek treatment or help others to seek treatment. Do we need the government to say don’t get pregnant if you can’t afford to take care of yourself and your child or, if you’re the father of a child, to get up and be a dad?

When someone says “defund the police”, have the courage to say “are you crazy? » Don’t condone domestic violence. Or the vandalism of businesses, schools or buildings. Restore the rule of law to our justice system and recognize that “catch and release” does not work. Can’t we finally revise the ridiculous tax structure? What about the broken down payment system? We can if we really want to.

We have studied and know what is needed to improve the business climate in our state; we just need the courage to take the necessary steps, not to set up and fund another government program. An ethics commission is fine, but do we really need a committee to force our legislators to behave ethically? How about boldly honoring your oath of office and not tolerating those who don’t?

We can work towards a greener energy future, but can’t we “do it all” without destroying the economy? Let’s all be realistic about the enormous challenges of transitioning to a fully green economy and the growing global demand for energy and electricity.

Since the federal government gives money, we will take it. But making life better doesn’t start with more new government programs. We are not victims and we don’t have to wait for the government to come and save us. The truth: the government will never save us. A better New Mexico begins with each of us taking a stand and doing boldly for each other and for the state.