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Grant Funding Available for New Mexico Organic Operations


Newsletter Report

Educational grant opportunities are now available to New Mexico organic growers through the New Mexico Organic Agriculture Conference (NMOFC), the New Mexico Department of Agriculture (NMDA) said in A press release. This opportunity replaces the traditional conference, which is no longer offered. Instead, organic producers can apply to receive scholarships. These funds will be distributed to support educational opportunities and advance organic production knowledge and education through attendance at conferences or workshops.

“I think it’s really important for New Mexico organic farmers to continue to network and explore new and exciting ideas in organic production,” said NMOFC committee member Sage Faulkner. “The committee is dedicated to ensuring the continued success of the organic community, and these grants will hopefully provide meaningful opportunities for organic growers in our industry.

Up to 18 scholarships will be awarded to separate applicants, up to $1,500 per applicant. Prizes will be awarded to applicants no more than once a year. However, more than one candidate may come from the same organic farm. Scholarship funds only apply to organic educational programs in the continental United States. Funding can be used for both in-person and virtual events. NMOFC committee members and their families are not eligible for funding.

If you would like to apply for a scholarship to fund an organic educational program, please email [email protected] to request an application. Applications are reviewed monthly by the NMOFC committee and will be accepted and considered until all funds are allocated and distributed.

The NMDA also has a number of organic program resources available to growers in the state. NMDA personnel are dedicated to the continuing biological education, support and promotion of all new and continuing biological operations in New Mexico. To schedule a consultation or learn more about biological operations within the state, visit the biological program page at www.nmda.nmsu.edu. Find NMDA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @NMDeptAg, on YouTube at NMDeptAg and on LinkedIn at the New Mexico Department of Agriculture.