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GO bond 3 an investment in the future of New Mexico


If you’ve turned on your television or opened your mailbox recently, I’m sure you’ve noticed that it’s an election year. With Election Day not until Nov. 8, early voting has begun in New Mexico. I want to make sure everyone is aware of something extremely important on your ballot this fall. It’s GO bond 3 for higher education and, if approved by voters, would mean over $51 million in funding to support various projects in the NMSU system – all without raising your tax rate. .

Among the items included in GO bond 3 is $22.5 million to replace and upgrade the 50-year-old Thomas & Brown Hall on our Las Cruces campus. This project will foster research opportunities while expanding student-centered and experiential hands-on learning facilities for students across campus. It will also include a learning community designed to improve student achievement.

This year’s GO bond also includes $15.5 million for nursing, health and education facilities at our Las Cruces campus. This funding would support necessary renovations to the Health and Social Services Building and O’Donnell Hall. These two buildings house the majority of the new College of Health, Education and Social Transformation. Renovations totaling $13.5 million will help consolidate and integrate some departments that are currently housed in multiple locations and create more state-of-the-art multidisciplinary smart classrooms. The project will provide planned growth capacity in disciplines such as nursing and kinesiology. An additional $2 million will help expand and modernize the Nursing Skills and Simulation Center to directly address the nursing shortage in New Mexico.

The New Mexico Department of Agriculture, which is headquartered on NMSU’s main campus and serves the entire state of New Mexico, would receive $10.5 million to replace outdated facilities. Previous phases of this project, funded by seed tax bonds and general fund credits, are expected to be completed early next year. This new phase will include the replacement of the NMDA’s original outdated main building with a new administrative facility to meet statewide needs, including space for Healthy Soil Program and Initiative staff. Food, Farm and Hunger.

Additional projects include $1.35 million for infrastructure upgrades and roof replacement at Doña Ana Community College and $1.25 million for renovations, infrastructure upgrades and roof replacement at Martinez Hall at our NMSU-Grants campus.

A separate bond issue for libraries, GO bond 2, will provide $6 million statewide for college library resources, of which the NMSU system will receive a portion.

All of these projects represent important areas of investment for New Mexico’s future while creating approximately 500 jobs in Doña Ana County and more than 2,000 jobs statewide. By investing in nursing, health and educator training, constituents can have a direct impact on the quality of health care and education in our region. In addition to supporting interdisciplinary learning and research opportunities in engineering and related fields, constituents also have the opportunity to provide support for our agriculture industry statewide through the NMDA.

For more information on GO bond 3 projects across the NMSU system, visit gobond.nmsu.edu. To learn more about all of the higher education projects on GO bond 3, which total $216 million statewide, visit bond3formm.com.

Dan Arvizu is Chancellor and President of the New Mexico State University System.