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From New Mexico to Ukraine, the Red Cross responds to emergencies


Did you know that the American Red Cross provides services in New Mexico? That’s right. The American Red Cross provides various services across the state, such as emergency disaster response, emergency assistance, and disaster preparedness education.

Each year, the Red Cross responds to more than 70,000 calls, including single family home and apartment fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, hazardous material spills, transportation accidents, explosions and other disasters. natural and human. In the last fiscal year alone, the Red Cross responded to more than 218 emergency calls, assisted 312 families and installed 428 smoke alarms in New Mexico.

The Red Cross received its first charter from Congress in 1900 and a second in 1905. The most recent version of the charter was adopted in May 2007 and reaffirms traditional purposes, including giving relief and serving as a means of communication between members of the American armed forces and their families and to provide relief and disaster mitigation measures nationally and internationally. Since then, the American Red Cross has provided service in wars, disasters, and other emergencies.

Today, the American Red Cross operates in all 50 US states and territories and has more than 300,000 volunteers who are supported by more than 30,000 employees.

Often the organization is called upon to provide emergency services in foreign countries. As fighting intensifies in Ukraine, the global network of the Red Cross is helping families affected by the conflict. For its part, the American Red Cross has deployed international crisis responders to Poland, Moldova, Hungary and Romania to provide humanitarian assistance in support of the International Red Cross operation assisting families who have fled their homes. These highly trained crisis responders support relief efforts on the ground alongside local teams, including the Polish Red Cross and the Moldovan Red Cross.

People often ask how they can contribute to the American Red Cross. As you can appreciate, with last year’s wildfires, tornadoes, floods and hurricanes, Red Cross volunteers and staff have been very busy.

Many Red Cross volunteers and staff have been sent to disaster areas in the United States, missing the opportunity to spend the holidays at home with their families. However, you can also help.

The American Red Cross blood supply remains vulnerable. People are encouraged to plan a blood or platelet donation to ensure patients receive the care they need. You can donate blood by making an appointment at redcrossblood.org.

We are grateful to the hundreds of thousands of people who rolled up their sleeves to help alleviate the immediate blood crisis at the start of 2022. In the days and weeks ahead, it is critically important that the Red Cross maintains a supply of readily available blood for hospitalized patients.

Tax-deductible monetary contributions are also needed to help defray the costs of these disaster responses. In 2020, more than 24,000 people were helped every day, 900,000 meals were served and snacks were provided with our partners and 207,200 accommodation and overnight hotels were also provided with the partners. The American Red Cross is a 503(c) organization. You can contribute funds by logging in to redcross.org.

Finally, if circumstances permit, you may consider becoming a Red Cross volunteer to serve your community more personally. The first step to becoming a Red Cross volunteer is to apply for a redcross.org/volunteer and begin the volunteer process. You will need to create a profile, which takes less than five minutes, and submit your volunteer application through the system. You will also need to submit to a background check.