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Final round of tax refund checks en route to New Mexicans


ALBUQUERQUE, NM – The final round of rebate checks began mailing to New Mexicans on Monday.

State officials say this is much-needed relief for New Mexicans struggling with inflation and high prices at the pump.

“New Mexicans are currently under severe fiscal pressure between the price of fuel and the price of other necessities,” said Stephanie Schardin Clarke, the state’s tax and revenue secretary.

Beginning in June, New Mexico taxpayers began to qualify for refund checks: $250 for single filers and $500 for joint filers.

In July, qualifications were based on income. Now, in August, every taxpayer can expect another round of cash.

They expect to send around 800,000 rebate payments.

“This is separate and in addition to your personal tax returns,” Clark said.

Clark says they are working hard to get that money to New Mexicans.

Anyone who has filed a return should expect this, although some New Mexicans may still be waiting for the first round of payments.

“What it is is that the taxpayer may have filed a return, but for some reason there was an error in their return, so it could not yet be accepted. So we’re working on those, Clark said.

They have around 30,000 June payments in the queue as hundreds of thousands more head for the door.

Clark says they will make sure everyone who qualifies gets their money. But there is a way to help, if your money seems tied up, you can create an account online to track your remittance. This is called a taxpayer access point.

Clark says they are working with the New Mexicans to resolve these issues, it is time to do so.

“We will issue refund checks as long as people resolve their issues with us. There are a lot of taxpayers who have filed for an extension and their taxes aren’t even due until October 15th. »

If you haven’t received any of your relief checks, there could be several reasons. You may want to verify that your banking information is correct. If you receive a paper check, it will take longer than direct deposits.