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Development cannot overwhelm traditional communities | Letters to the Editor


Cow Creek is a valuable water source for the Pecos River Valley and the people of the traditional Pecos community. Ralph Vigil got it right in his letter to the editor (“Consider water impact of Cow Creek development”, November 14). Water, the most precious resource we have in New Mexico, should not be sacrificed for upstream development. The polluted water could well destroy the historic village of Pecos, affecting its acequias, its fauna, its farmers and the whole ecosystem.

Vigil is a long-time resident. He is president of the New Mexico Acequia Association and works on a 50-year body of water for the state. The owner of Cow Creek Ranch has also been here for decades. He knows a beautiful place when he sees it. But does that give him the right to destroy an entire ecosystem upon which a traditional village in New Mexico depends? I’ve been here all my life, and I don’t think so.

Watching the debacle of Congress arguing over the “comic” depicting the murder of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the threat of President Joe Biden, I must have wondered a couple of things: I wonder how many minutes a board member of a real-world company in America would remain on the board if he or she had published such a “cartoon” involving other people in their company. I have to wonder if Jim Jordan, in his normal way, would stand up, scream and rant at Democrats if one of his buddies in Congress posted a video depicting the brutality and murder of his own wife and four children . I also have to wonder how a rational person, let alone all but two Republican members of Congress (thank you) could possibly tolerate and forgive this appalling behavior. You just have to wonder.

Avangrid, they say, is a leader in clean energy, and the merger will help the state meet the demands of its energy transition law of 2019 and make us 100% carbon-free by 2045. , but this image is less rosy. Avangrid has been plagued by reports of mismanagement, poor service, questionable business practices, and even environmental degradation. The CEOs of Iberdrola, its parent company, based in Spain, are under investigation for corruption and other crimes. In Maine, Avangrid’s service has been appalling, and the cost of the service to citizens – which has no respect for the environment and has suffered numerous outages and outrageous costs – is expected to rise by over 60% This year. Avangrid’s service is unreliable. We don’t want Avangrid in New Mexico.

Traps and snares are lethal devices that pose a real threat to people, pets and wildlife on public lands. This fact became tragically clear when a dog named Roxy was strangled to death in a trap at a popular recreation area in New Mexico in 2018.

Senate Bill 32, “Roxy’s Law,” was enacted earlier this year and will ban the use of traps and snares on public lands in New Mexico effective April 1. It was the long, hard work of the TrapFree New Mexico coalition, the true leadership of courageous state lawmakers and the governor’s signature that ultimately turned this tragedy – and countless others like it – into a positive outcome. for the people, pets and wildlife of New Mexico.

Roxy’s Law is a victory for basic decency. There is no reason why we should tolerate the killing of our dogs or our wildlife. Tradition does not excuse abuse.

New Mexico is fortunate to have farmers and ranchers who produce world-class produce. From beef, lamb, chili, pecans, pistachios, wine and craft beers to distilled spirits, our state’s agriculture industry offers products we all love. Don’t forget our locally processed cheeses and coffee products. There are also many local artisans who sell their creations in the markets. Each community has local family stores where you can pick up these products or have them shipped to family and friends. Agriculture is a key part of our state’s economy, and in many counties, it is the primary economic driver. Local products can be the backbone of a growing local economy.

National News continues to report issues with the supply chain, shipping delays and more. Forget it all. Buy local. Share local products. See the smiles on the faces of your friends and family as they enjoy great New Mexico produce! Make it a wonderful holiday season, local and traditional. Take advantage of what is unique and special about New Mexico and share it with others. I wish you a safe and happy holiday season!