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DC measures would compromise innovators and NM

Susana Martinez

America’s inherent spirit of innovation sets us apart as an engine of unprecedented progress. This spirit is driven by America’s culture of encouraged risk-taking, praise for hard work, and forward-looking optimism. Nowhere is this innovative advantage greater than in America’s cutting-edge technology industry, which embraces the American spirit of dreaming big, creating an entrepreneurial environment that helps US-based companies thrive.

Indeed, America’s tech industry has boosted the economies of every US state and benefited its entire population, as the vast majority have relied on technology on a daily basis.

When Congress considers measures that would undermine innovation — such as S.2992 Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minnesota’s “American Innovation and Choice Online Act” — every American from New Mexico to Washington, DC should be concerned. If so, the anti-innovation legislation now under consideration would arbitrarily and negatively cripple the U.S. tech industry and hurt New Mexico families, farmers, and small businesses.

American innovation is vital to our economy. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the digital economy has accounted for nearly 7% of US GDP in recent years and generated more than 5.1 million US jobs. At the same time, more than 80% of small businesses benefit from at least one major digital platform to provide information and reach old and new customers.

In New Mexico, the technology sector represents nearly 8% of our total workforce. We’re also proud to lead the nation in Latino representation in tech jobs, with Hispanics making up 31% of all tech employees in the state.

During my tenure as governor, my administration worked tirelessly to make New Mexico’s economy more competitive for jobs and new investment. Due to our policies, we have received investments from national and global companies such as Netflix, Facebook and SafeLite, all of which have moved major operations to New Mexico. At the same time, leading local companies such as RS21, Skorpios, Descartes Labs and others have grown and prospered.

It is imperative that we do not pursue legislation if it will harm America’s technological advantage, affect our companies’ ability to compete with foreign competitors, or negatively impact New Mexican workers.

As Congress considers anti-innovation legislation, it must recognize that America’s technological innovators are a vital part of America’s economic health, national security, and individual freedoms.

Technology has improved the lives of many people and helped create a more connected and open world, a world where the basic rights of free speech thrive despite threats from nefarious foreign governments seeking to bring us down.

As policymakers consider the rules and laws that govern innovators, they must encourage big dreams — not big hurdles — by protecting American values ​​of openness, accessibility, and free speech. They are essential contributors to America’s global competitive advantage.