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CEO Spotlight: WestPac’s Pat Smith Leading the Way to Success


Pat Smith has been the CEO of WestPac Investments, a leading property investment and management firm, for almost 30 years. But who is Pat Smith, and what has the Pat Smith WestPac era meant for the company’s success? Here’s everything we know about the current WestPac CEO.

Education and early career

Many of Pat Smith’s colleagues point out that his experience in architecture, real estate brokerage and securities is an important factor in his real estate success. He knows what it means to build development from scratch, literally. This seems to have made him a more efficient investor.

Smith obtained his contractor’s license at the age of 20 in 1974 and a bachelor’s degree in architecture from California Polytechnic in 1976, but soon discovered that his ambitions went beyond designing buildings – he wanted to develop a wide range of buildings and facilities not only from the design phase, but from the financing phase. He obtained his architect’s certificate in 1980 and his building permit in 1982, followed by the title of securities broker in 1984.

Smith and Company launched

In 1984, Pat Smith took his first big step in real estate when he launched Smith and Company, a real estate investment development company, and the corresponding brokerage firm, Avila Beach Realty. During his tenure as Smith and Company, Pat Smith was responsible for the development of more than 5,000 multi-family homes across the United States, as well as offices, shopping centers and over 500,000 square feet of housing. ‘medical space. not to mention the countless subdivisions.

Pat Smith: CEO of WestPac

In 1998, Smith became CEO of WestPac, a property development and management company based in California but with operations in California, Hawaii, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Michigan, with offices in Australia. .

Between its independent projects and those acquired through partnerships with banks and private investors, WestPac is responsible for projects covering more than 5,000 apartments, seven hotels, five seniors’ communities and a range of condos, office buildings. and single-family housing estates.

The Pat Smith WestPac era represents nearly 25 years of success, with Smith responsible for projects valued at over $ 7 billion. Meanwhile, Smith is committed to increasing the environmentally conscious approach at WestPac, pushing the company to focus on developing projects with LEED certification.

WestPac includes four associated companies: WestPac Communities, WestPac Development, WestPac Hospitality and WestPac Investments. In recent years, the company most active in new developments has been WestPac Campus Communities.

WestPac Campus Communities

WestPac Campus Communities is a WestPac-sponsored project that Pat Smith started in 2012. Its mission is to provide quality, affordable and market-priced student housing beyond the commonly expected realm of poor quality housing for students. students to provide better service, a wider range of equipment, reliable properties and innovation, serving both students and investors.

To date, WestPac Campus Communities has been successful financially as well as in the communities it serves, helping to expand WestPac’s offerings and Pat Smith’s reputation WestPac.

WestPac Campus Communities’ most recently sold asset was The Rocks, a nearly 400-bed student housing community at Michigan State University in East Lansing. It was 95% pre-let in its first school year of operation.

Joint venture with related companies

Another major project under Pat Smith WestPac’s tenure was the company’s joint venture with Related Companies, one of the leading private real estate development companies in the United States. In 2007, Smith paved the way for WestPac and Related to purchase Snowmass Base Village in Colorado from Intrawest Ski Company and Aspen.

The business came from WestPac’s already strong presence in the region’s West Village and Snowmass Center, including the Snowmass Mall.

Pat Smith Westpac’s official statement read: “We aspire to have Snowmass become the nation’s premier multi-season hill station. This referred to the master plan for the three new sites to focus on skiing and offer a range of all-season activities to bring income to the region year-round.

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