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Cannabis rule filing at NM, with requests coming this week (Newsletter: August 25, 2021)


Congressman: Pass the marijuana bank now; Richardson: Change the penalties for sports cannabis; The federal government funds hemp insulation; Portland psychedelic decrim

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Ohio Attorney General certified a petition for a marijuana legalization initiative that activists hope to place on the 2022 state ballot, a move that comes weeks after he rejected a previous version.

Representative Ed Perlmutter (D-CO) said passing his marijuana banking bill shouldn’t have to wait for broader cannabis reform to garner sufficient support, arguing that it’s “not about making businesses richer; it’s about protecting the employees, patients and customers of small businesses.

The US Department of Energy funds research into the development of hemp fiber-based insulation as a greener and healthier alternative to conventional preparations.

Runner Sha’Carri Richardson said she would feel “blessed” if the reaction to her suspension from the Olympics for marijuana resulted in an end to cannabis-related sanctions for other athletes.

Portland, Oregon campaigners call on the City Commission to pass action to close the gap between psilocybin therapy and drug decriminalization laws by making the cultivation, donation and administration of psychedelics the lowest priority of law enforcement.


Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) wrote in a constituent letter that she was concerned that federal marijuana reform would make it more difficult for police to prosecute drug cases.

Representatives Ed Perlmutter (D-CO) and Ken Buck (R-CO) criticized the Food and Drug Administration for being slow to regulate CBD.

Representative Mike Garcia (R-CA) tweeted: “The bad actors who work in the illegal marijuana cultivation in CA25 are participating in a federal crime, as are those who help and encourage them. These illegal operations steal our water and harm our environment.

Representative Dusty Johnson (R-SD) tweeted about answering questions about cannabis at an event.


New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy (D) has appointed a director of the Cannabis Regulatory Commission Diversity and Inclusion Office. He also has tweeted, “With the adoption by @NewJerseyCRC of the first set of rules for the New Jersey personal use cannabis industry, we are advancing our commitment to create a fair, safe and inclusive recreational adult cannabis market in one time. record. “

Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nikki Fried, currently commissioner of agriculture, tweeted: “If you elect me governor, I will legalize marijuana in Florida. #Something new”

a Illinois The representative is working to strengthen support for legislation to protect workers from dismissal only for a positive marijuana test.

A new York the senator has launched a workforce training program in the marijuana industry.

oklahoma the new leading medical cannabis regulator has sought to allay concerns that it is “anti-marijuana.”

Maine regulators are seeking participants for a new medical cannabis working group.

Missouri regulators have issued guidance on changes to the physical design of medical cannabis facilities.

Michigan regulators sent out a bulletin on the pre-harvest hemp sampling process.

Louisiana regulators initiate rule making on tax requirements for hemp and CBD products.

The Nevada Sub-committees of the Cannabis Advisory Commission on Public Health and Safety meet Wednesday.

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The Meadville, Pennsylvania Police chief proposes that city council decriminalize marijuana.

Paterson, New Jersey the mayor vetoed a ban on marijuana businesses that was passed by city council.

A lawsuit against Los Angeles, California Marijuana’s social equity program is abandoned by plaintiffs.

Denver, Colorado The first delivery of recreational marijuana was made by Strawberry Fields.

A Polk County, Iowa attorney candidate tweeted, “The Polk County District Attorney’s office has limited resources. We should focus our resources on violent crime, not on petty, non-violent offenses like possession of marijuana. This is how we make the public safer and the justice system fairer. “


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada The Council of Police Commissioners has approved a motion calling for research into the decriminalization of drug possession.


One study found that “Orally administered CBD does not appear to produce false positive (or true positive) tests for THC“And that the” likelihood that an individual using an oral formulation of CBD (only) will be falsely accused of [driving under the influence of cannabis] therefore appears weak.


A survey of british adults found that 32 percent say the sale and possession of “soft drugs” should no longer be illegal.

The Alabama Democratic Party Thursday is hosting a phone bank to engage voters on marijuana issues.

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin tweeted, “It’s time to decriminalize and legalize marijuana. Thank you @SenatorAgard for moving Wisconsin forward with the rest of the country on this issue! ” It is also sale a shirt to promote legalization.

The president of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Worker Party criticized cannabis-focused third parties for attracting too many votes and costing his party a majority in the Senate, hampering progress in legalizing marijuana.


HEXO Corp raised $ 140 million in an overnight takeover bid.

TerrAscend Corp. increased its stake in TerrAscend NJ, LLC.

A Rutgers University The task force has determined that marijuana should remain banned on campus and at school events despite New Jersey legalization.

Canadian retailers sold C $ 318.7 million worth of legal marijuana in June.

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