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Best Personal Loans For Bad Credit – Top Direct Lenders For The Best Bad Credit Loans And Personal Loans In 2022 | No Credit Check Loans Guaranteed Approval


Donald made a smart move. He knew his credit score was low and would never qualify for a loan from banks or credit societies. He, therefore, did not waste time trying for a loan he needed from any bank. Donald explored the alternatives — the non-banking loan options.

Donald’s need for personal loans for bad credit was paltry. He required only $500 to repair his car. And he went straight to a non-banking loan option where he secured the money he needed in just about 24 hours, and his car was back on the road the next week.

The options he explored were the ones that were specialists in offering loans to bad credit. Though they are a trifle expensive, these loans have become the most sought-after option for Americans with bad credit scores.

Such personal loan lenders may charge higher interest rates on unsecured loans than banks. Still, they keep the United States going, keep the American dreams alive, and contribute in a big way to the American economy by keeping the country’s consumerism thriving. But, most importantly, these options champion the cause of every single American whose credit score is below 550.

Be smart as Donald, and don’t waste time seeking a bad credit loan from banks if you have bad credit. We do not know where Donald secured his loan from. But, if you want to make a smart move like him, this article is for you.

In this blog, we have attempted to suggest a few non-banking loan options that offer cash advances to Americans with bad credit scores. These options, we assure you, will never say no to your loan requests unless the situation is extremely adverse and compulsive.

Be informed that being tagged as bad credit isn’t as bad as banks and credit societies try to depict. Let not your bad credit score impede your ability to move on in life. And that’s what the objective is of these non-banking loan options.

List Of Top Lending Companies For The Best Bad Credit Loans

#1. MoneyMutual — Overall Best Personal Loan For Bad Credit

#2. FundsJoy — Top Rated Lending Platform For Online Loans

#2. Personal Loans— Low Interest rates For Bad Credit Personal Loan

#3. CashUSA.com— High Chances Of Approval For Instant Cash Advance

#1. MoneyMutual — Overall Best Personal Loan For Bad Credit

Raven of San Antonio, Texas, appeared all in praise for MoneyMutual. In his review, posted on a third-party site, he said that one should go and get money (loans) from lenders at MoneyMutual when the need for funds becomes pressing and immediate. This loan-facilitating portal, he said, offers different kinds of loans other than personal loans. It is the safest and fastest way to secure the injection of cash.

That is what MoneyMutual offers – a fast and safe way of having the cash you need. It is trusted by over two million people across the United States and has played a pivotal role in keeping thousands of homes happy and satisfied.

MoneyMutual isn’t a lender but an online financial marketplace where borrowers can find numerous lenders willing to offer secured loans to Americans with minimum credit score below 550. At this marketplace, a borrower can secure personal loans between $200 and $5,000 with absolute ease and comfort.

Securing a personal loan at MoneyMutual entails three easy steps — key in your information, the lenders’ review, and find cash in your account.


  • It facilitates personal loans for people with bad credit.
  • It plays no role in loan-request approvals, collecting on behalf of the lenders, influencing the borrowers or lenders, fixing the loan amounts, or Annual Percentage Rate (APR), etc.
  • MoneyMutual facilitates fast loans.
  • It is a member of the Online Lenders Alliance.
  • The platform has a secured website and offers foolproof protection of data.
  • Its website is a TrustedSite.
  • The lenders insist that a borrower must have a verifiable monthly income of at least $800.


  • The Loan approval process at MoneyMutual is fast, simple, transparent, and irrespective of credit scores.
  • It’s the best place to seek bad credit personal loans if what you need is within $200 to $5,000.
  • Lenders at MoneyMutual usually disburse loans within 24 hours.
  • The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) lenders at MoneyMutual charge is industry-standard.
  • The eligibility criteria the lenders at MoneyMutual insist upon, too, are industry-standard. The borrower must be at least 18, a US citizen, have a checking bank account, valid email address, and a working phone number.
  • Borrowers throng MoneyMutual because it facilitates loans of all hues, including payday loans, cash advances, loans for paying fees, repayment, covering emergencies, etc.


  • MoneyMutual does not offer services to people living in New York and Connecticut.

#2. FundsJoy — Top Rated Lending Platform For Online Loans


FundsJoy is the market leader because it offers its customers a safe, secure, and quick money transfer service. They, like others, are a loan marketplace that can connect you to a large network of lenders willing to work with you regardless of your credit score. They connect lenders and borrowers in a safe and secure manner.

FundsJoy provides a completely online application process that is both quick and simple. If you have your driver’s license and bank account information on hand, you’ll have everything you need to complete the application. The company acts as a go-between you and a number of lenders who will make you a money offer. The issue is that not all money transfer providers in your state accept the standard payment method.

Overall, it is a great lending marketplace for people who are unable to obtain traditional bank loans. FundsJoy is, in fact, America’s largest provider of badFundsJoys. They have minimal eligibility requirements on their website and can lend you up to $5000. To be eligible for a loan, you must be at least 18 years old, a US citizen, have a bank checking account, and make at least $800 per month.

According to the company’s website, the application process can take as little as a few seconds, and cash can be provided the following business day.


  • Eligibility Criteria: You must first complete a few requirements on the platform before you can apply for a loan. In order to apply, you must be at least 18 years old and a US citizen or permanent resident with a valid social security number. In addition, you must have a steady source of income and a bank account in your name.
  • Loan Amount: If you have an emergency and need a large sum of money, FundsJoy is a good option. Traditional bank loans ranging from $100 to $5,000 are available. These loans have APRs ranging from 5.99 % to 24.99 %.
  • Website Design: When it comes to the website, it is extremely well-designed and simple to use. All information is accessible, and the interface is simple to use. Furthermore, the platform provides excellent customer support.
  • Customer Reviews: Customers were extremely pleased with how simple it was to apply for an online personal loan. They praised the website’s ease of use. They also appreciated the customer service, which was always available to answer any questions. They also appreciated how quickly they received the funds.


  • Significant loan range: $100 to $35,000
  • Available everywhere in the US
  • Quick fund transfer
  • Encrypted information


  • To qualify for the loan, the borrower must make at least $800 per month

#3.Personal LoansLow Interest rates For Bad Credit Personal Loan


Securing a small personal loan in the United States from lenders other than banks isn’t a very difficult job, even if your credit score falls short of 550. But getting a high-value personal loan (a loan of more than $5,000 or $10,000) isn’t easy. There aren’t many in this country willing to offer unsecured personal loans to bad credits over $10,000.

Personal Loans steps in to fill in the blank. It is one of the most trusted and sought-after loan arrangers in the United States. It is because, at Personal Loans, borrowers needing high-value personal loans can find funds between $1,000 and $35,000.

Personal Loans is not a lender but an online financial marketplace where borrowers can find lenders offering loans to bad credit individuals. It arranges fast loans of all kinds but plays no role other than bringing borrowers and lenders together.


  • Personal Loans does not charge a dime for facilitating personal loans for bad credit.
  • Lenders at this online financial marketplace offer loans at a competitive rate.
  • At Personal Loans, borrowers can find loans of all kinds and for anything and everything.
  • At Personal Loans, the approval and unsecured loan disbursement is fast and secured.


  • Personal Loans’ USP is its willingness to facilitate high-value loans.
  • Borrowers can apply for loans as high as $35,000 at Personal Loans.
  • Personal Loans also facilitate small personal loans of $1,000.
  • Lenders on this online financial market offer personal loans to people with bad credits.
  • It offers industry-standard security to protect the borrowers’ data.
  • It enjoys an unblemished reputation as a personal loan facilitator for people with bad credits in the online financial market.
  • The APR the lenders at Personal Loans charge ranges between 5.99% and 35.99%.
  • Personal Loan’s website says, “If no lenders offer you a loan, we may pass some of your limited contact information to other partners so you can receive offers for debt relief, credit repair, credit monitoring, or similar services.”


  • Though most of the eligibility criteria set by Personal Loans are industry-standard and meetable, some prospective borrowers feel that one of the criteria is a bit harsh. It wants its clients to have a verifiable monthly earning of at least $2,000.

#4. CashUSA — High Chances Of Approval For Instant Cash Advance


Your need for a loan can crop up at any time, and the reasons can be varied. You may need a loan to consolidate your outstanding debts. Maybe you need a loan to remodel or repair your home. You want to go on a vacation and don’t have enough money to afford one. Whatever may be your reason, visit the website of CashUSA and submit a request for a personal loan. You are sure to secure the loan proceeds and move on.

At CashUSA, you can get a personal loan, albeit your poor credit score is, up to $10,000.

CashUSA facilitates fast personal loans and charges naught for the services it offers. The personal loans it arranges are also secure and convenient. And because of this, CashUSA has become an extremely popular and sought-after personal loan facilitator throughout the entire USA. It arranges personal loans from state and tribal lenders.

CashUSA participates in various social activities to make the life and living of common Americans a little better. Its website also contains relevant and valuable information that educates borrowers about loans, enabling them to make informed decisions about personal loans.

For facilitating personal loans, CashUSA requires the borrowers must be 18 years or older, a US citizen or a permanent resident of the country, earn at least $1,000 every month after taxes, have a fully operational checking bank account, and have a valid email address and phone number.


  • It offers foolproof security and protection of data.
  • Its website has good and industry-standard encryption.
  • The lenders at CashUSA offer borrowers 90 days to 72 months to repay the loans.
  • The lenders at CashUSA usually charge the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) between 5.99% to 35.99%.
  • Its education center is rich in variety and helpful.
  • It has its office in Las Vegas and maintains transparency.


  • Getting personal loans at CashUSA is fast, easy, and secure.
  • The eligibility criteria set by the loan portal are industry-standard and easy to meet.
  • It arranges personal loans up to $10,000.
  • It arranges personal loans for bad credit.
  • The interest the lenders charge on the loans they give is also industry-standard.


  • The website of CashUSA, unlike that of the other loan-facilitating portals, isn’t attractive at all. It is, however, structured and comprehensive but not exhaustive. There is not much information about the company.

#5. CreditLoan

CreditLoan is yet another exceptional personal loan facilitator that helps borrowers secure high-value loans. If you need a loan between $250 and $40,000, knock on the doors of CreditLoan.

This loan facilitator has been offering financial education since 1998. In its description of itself on its website, CreditLoans says, it quickly became one of the most trusted sources of information and analysis on a wide gamut of financial matters. Prospective borrowers thronged CreditLoan’s website to understand different aspects of financial matters better. It has so far educated 33 million people, and that number is still counting.

It subsequently made a foray into loan arrangements with a mission to help bad credit Americans secure loans and move on in their lives. Apart from facilitating personal loans for bad credit, CreditLoan arranges for student loans, auto loans, and bad credit loans of all hues.

The “site was safe and quickly connected me to a reliable lender. I was approved for a reasonable amount, but I couldn’t provide a collateral, but the company they connected me to is good and well known,” said Elizabeth, a verified customer facilitated with a personal loan by CreditLoan.


  • Since making a foray into the loan arrangement business, the facilitator has become a favorite destination for borrowers needing high-value loans.
  • It also arranges small loans like $250.
  • Like other loan facilitating portals, it arranges fast loans.
  • It has been featured in several respected media outlets, including Forbes, CNBC, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, etc.


  • Facilitates a wide range of loans from $250 to $40,000.
  • CreditLoan’s service is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week.
  • It facilitates personal loans to people with bad credits.
  • It has helped over two million people get the loans they needed.


  • You need to have a decent credit score to secure high-value loans at CreditLoan

#5. Surge Mastercard

Issued by Celtic Bank and managed by Continental Finance, Surge Mastercard is an unsecured credit card meant essentially for people with poor credit scores. The card’s initial credit limit ranges between $300 and $1,000. Holders can use this card for everything, including shopping, dining, and even arranging for travels where Mastercards are accepted.

Most importantly, using this card can help its holders improve their credit scores if they repay their outstandings in time and keep the balance under the credit limit.

The manager of Surge Mastercard offers its customers opportunities to increase credit limits just after six months of use.


  • Since its launch, more than 2.6 million Surge Master credit cards have been in use to date.
  • It offers peace of mind with $0 fraud liability.
  • It sends monthly reports about its cardholders to three major credit bureaus.
  • The cardholders get free monthly credit scores.
  • Applying and securing a Surge Mastercard is easy.
  • Getting a Surge Mastercard, in most cases, is fast, virtually instant.


  • Surge Mastercard helps its users repair and improve their credit scores.
  • It is a popular credit card coming from the stable of a “Highly rated financial services company.”
  • It helps its customers “establish credit with dignity and respect.”
  • It is a highly rated Master credit card.
  • Offers excellent customer service.
  • A new applicant receives the card within three working days after the application is approved.


  • The annual fees and interest rates are a trifle high.
  • The applicant must have a checking bank account to get a Surge Mastercard.

#6. Indigo

You will never need to put your life plans on hold indefinitely because of your dented or tarnished credit history. You can go, even fly, wherever you want to if you are as smart as Donald. All you will need is an Indigo Mastercard.

Indigo Mastercard is for you if you want a credit card that will match your lifestyle and work the way you want. It is a unique card that will not impact your credit report but will help build credit “while creating the life you’ve always dreamed of,” mentions the card’s website.

The pre-qualifications required to possess an Indigo Mastercard are easy, and securing the card is fast. With this card, you can shop freely both online and in-store. It has wide acceptability across the United States and is powerful enough to boost your financial muscles.


  • It reports to three big credit bureaus and credit union options, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, and helps improve your credit score.
  • The annual fee for the card ranges between $59 and $99.
  • You may be exempted from paying the annual fee if you have a good credit score.
  • You will have to pay a reduced annual fee of $75 for the Indigo card if you are a new cardholder.
  • It is an unsecured credit card.
  • The Indigo Mastercard is also issued by Celtic Bank, based in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • The Indigo Mastercard is ideal for people having less than perfect credit scores.


  • The pre-qualifications required for the Indigo Mastercard are easy.
  • The process of securing an Indigo Mastercard is fast and hassle-free.
  • “Your payment history,” says the card’s website, “with the Indigo Mastercard is reported to all three major credit bureaus, and making on-time payments can help you build a good payment record.”


  • The annual fee it charges appears to be a bit high to some.

#7. Auto Credit Express

Cheryl was getting fed up with using public transport as she often got late for work. Her husband would take the car and could not give her a drop as their office time did not match. She, therefore, needed to get hold of a car and needed a loan for that.

She, like Doland, made a smart move and went straight to Auto Credit Express. She wasted no time making rounds to the banks as her credit score was way below 550.

Auto Credit Express is a fantastic resort for people who have bad credit but still need loans to buy cars. And the best part is that its services are also available in Canada.


  • Auto Credit Express helps car buyers purchase both old and new cars.
  • It helps people with bad credit connect to automobile dealers with zero or $500 down payment.
  • Auto Credit Express works closely with auto financing companies and dealers of used and new cars in the USA and Canada.
  • It helps car buyers even if the person is passing through bankruptcy.
  • It helps in leasing and buying programs.
  • Auto Credit Express plays a pivotal role in keeping America on the move.


  • Auto Credit Express has an active network of 929 auto dealers across the United States.
  • It has a BBB rating of A+.
  • Its being in the service of people and helping them get a car spans over 20 years.
  • At Auto Credit Express, you can prequalify for a car loan in seconds.
  • Its website is very good and provides a car loan estimator tool.
  • It helps people in active military service and even retired members secure automobile financing.


  • The borrower must have a monthly income of at least $1,500 to qualify for car finance.

#8. CarLoan

If you are out shopping for a car loan, head to CarLoan.com. Log on to this site and log out after a few minutes with a car loan in your pocket. It offers to facilitate fast and free automobile loans to people with all kinds of credit, military personnel, single parents of both sexes, and also to people with a past bankruptcy.


  • At CarLoan.com, you can get tips and advice about car buying.
  • Application for a car loan at CarLoan.com takes only a minute.
  • On its website, borrowers can find a car loan payment calculator.
  • It offers foolproof security and privacy of data.
  • It arranges a car loan for people with a good credit score without asking for income verification.
  • It has experience of 30 years in facilitating car loans.


  • It facilitates car loans for used and new cars.
  • The car loans it facilitates are 100% safe and secure.
  • CarLoan.com has helped thousands of Americans buy their cars.
  • CarLoan.com has received hundreds of positive reviews from its beneficiaries.
  • Interest rates on car loans, taken from lenders at CarLoan.com, vary between 4% and 18%. Borrowers with good credit scores are charged between four and five percent, while those with poor credit scores are charged between 10% and 18%.
  • CarLoan.com facilitates car loans based on the borrowers’ repayment ability and not their credit scores.


  • You must have a monthly income of at least $1,600 to get a car loan at CarLoan.com.

#9. myAutoloan.com

This car loan facilitator says that its customers love it. But why do they love myAutoloan.com? What is so special about it? Is there anything special the customers received? It could be because myAutoloan.com facilitates car loans fast and free.

But, the biggest reason is that it allows a qualified borrower a maximum holiday from repayment for 90 days.


  • myAutoloan is a very popular destination for people seeking car loans outside banks.
  • It facilitates up to four offers every minute.
  • Arranges automobile loans for used and new cars.
  • It helps people seeking to reduce their monthly payments on their current auto loans by organizing refinancing.


  • Securing auto finance at myAutoloan is easy, fast, and trouble-free.
  • It is recognized as the leader in online lifestyle financing.
  • The lenders at myAutoloan.com offer car loans at the lowest interest rates in the industry.


  • The loan amount will depend on the borrower’s credit history/score and income.

How We Made This List Of The Best Instalment Loans For Poor Credit Score

It is arduous work to choose the perfect online loan company. Less experienced people are likely to get caught in a loan trap by shady online companies on the prowl. It is also a colossal amount of work to scour through numerous websites, numbering in the hundreds, just to find out what works best for you.

This level of detailed search is both laborious and time-consuming. We have compiled a list of the five best personal loan companies that cater to individuals with a less-than-ideal credit score to make your life easier.

To make this list, we methodically searched the internet, making a database of online loan companies, and then shortened the list over several evaluation cycles and a strict process of elimination. Some of the parameters that we used to filter our list are:

#1. Eligible With Bad Credit Score

You need a loan without the company making a fuss about your FICO score. That is why we focused on online companies that offer personal loans to people with low credit scores. By low credit scores, we mean a FICO score of less than 600 and sometimes even less than 500.

#2. Interest Rate

The online platforms listed in this article don’t lend money directly. Hence, they don’t decide the interest. But moneylenders affiliated with these portals are known to ask for lower interest rates. They are fair and equivalent to the market rate.

#3. Flexible Amount

The companies on this list offer personal loans in small and large amounts. Loans offered by our listed companies can range from $600 to $10,000. Bear in mind that no company offers personal loans much higher than $10,000 to people with low credit scores. So don’t expect loans of $50,000 on such short notice or from online companies. You need to approach a bank for that kind of loan.

#4. Fast & Easy Loan Approval

The companies that we listed don’t have the strict requirements of banks. Moneylenders do fewer background checks, and loan approval is easier for the applicant.

#5. Transparency

The companies mentioned in this list aren’t into shady practices like loan sharking, unfair debt collection practices, concealing information, etc. They strictly follow US legal standards such as Fair Debt Collection Practices, Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act, Truth in Lending Act (TILA), etc.

#6. Security

Your loan application contains sensitive information like your bank account details, address, and social security number. We ensured that the companies we listed had strong cybersecurity. Well-known third-party companies like Norton protect the companies’ portals.

#7. Customer Feedback

The listed companies have outstanding customer reviews and outstanding review scores. We went through numerous customer testimonies to decide if the company was genuine and reputable.

#8. Loan Repayment

Our listed companies offer easy and simple loan repayment options. Complex loan repayment policies can confuse customers, causing them to miss deadlines. Loan sharks use such methods and delay repayment to keep people chained in debt. We ensured not to list such predatory companies.

The Comprehensive Guide On Getting Personal Loans Online With Bad Credit

The online financing industry is flooded with lending companies and loan facilitators. You can find numerous such company websites, offering you lucrative offers and money-saving schemes.

While they all c.laim to be legitimate and morally fair, the truth is quite different.

Many such companies are shady and dubious and employ loan sharks. A part of selecting a reputable loan company is to actively avoid these online debt consolidation traps and keep an eye out for the right company.

But don’t worry. We have done the groundwork for you.

All you need to do is follow these simple guidelines to check for fraudulent companies and those that are running a legit business.

Let’s go through what you should keep an eye out for.

#1. Credit Score Requirement

Let’s be honest. The exact reason you are reading this article is to find companies that offer loans to people with low credit. Otherwise, you can just approach a bank. So ensure that the company offers loans to people with low FICO scores. A low credit score is generally something below 600.

#2. Interest Rate

Moneylenders affiliated with internet loan companies usually charge a 22-25% interest rate for personal loans. Such loans have higher interest rates than what you get from banks due to the ease of relaxed credit requirements and loans at short notice. But if you find the APR is 35% or higher, we urge you to decline that loan. The probability is high that the lender is trying to fleece you with an interest rate that’s way higher than the market average.

#3. Documentation

Ensure that you keep the necessary documents at hand before you submit your loan application. The documents required are proof of your US citizenship or permanent residency, a government-issued identity card like your passport or driver’s license, bank account details, and proof of employment.

#4. Loan Amount

Ensure that the company offers personal loans for the amount you need. Many companies only offer small amounts for personal loans as a security measure. The companies we listed have a wide range that goes from $600 to $10,000. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any company that offers more than that.

#5. Fees

A reputable online loan company doesn’t charge the applicant any origination fee. Instead, they charge the moneylenders for ease of access to a wide customer base. If you find the company charging you anything, that’s a definite red sign.

#6. Security

Loan applications contain your info, like your social security number, bank account details, and home address. Ensure that your chosen company has solid cybersecurity. You don’t want these details hacked or leaked. You should take online security and privacy very seriously as it can cause serious damage like identity theft.

#7. Customer Reviews

Go through the company’s customer review score and read individual reviews before deciding to go for a loan. Customer reviews are a great way to get a solid idea about an online loan company’s reputation.

#8. Fair Practices

Ensure that the company follows American legal standards such as Fair Debt Collection Practices, Truth in Lending Act (TILA), and Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act. It ensures that any moneylender or the company itself will not resort to unfair or illegal debt practices. If they do, you can sue them in court.

#9. Loan Terms

Before accepting a loan, read the loan terms. These include repayment options, approved amount, repayment deadline, and non-payment or delayed repayment consequences. Remember that you don’t have to accept a loan. Only accept terms that are fair and to your liking.

#10. Speed of Approval

Several companies offer personal loans in less than 24 hours. Should your urgency demand it, you can go for companies that offer same-day loans.

FAQs About Personal Loan Lenders For Payday Loans Online

Q1: Am I guaranteed to get a loan?

A: No. However, the chances of your loan being rejected based on your FICO score is low. The listed companies offer personal loans tailored for people with bad credit. So your low FICO score will have little impact on the approval process. But criminal history, lack of employment, lack of contact information, etc., can cause your application to get rejected.

Q2: How long does it take for a personal loan to get approved?

A: It depends on the company. Your loan can get approved within 24 hours or within the next few days. Companies that offer same-day loans will get your loan approved or rejected in less than 24 hours.

Q3: What are the requirements for a personal loan?

A: Depending on the loan or company, you may have to provide additional information. But regardless, you will have to provide the following details about yourself:

  • Full legal name
  • Proof of American citizenship or permanent residency
  • Permanent phone number, home address, and email
  • Proof of income, like bank account statements
  • Social security number
  • A government-issued ID card like your passport or driver’s license
  • Employment history. The company may do a background check to see if you have a criminal record, especially fraud.

Q4: What kind of expenses do personal loans cover?

A: Personal loans can cover rent, mortgage payment, medical bills, auto repair, or other expenses. The interest rate will be fixed based on the amount you request and how fast you can repay them.

Q5: How much can I borrow?

A: Some companies only allow small amounts to be borrowed for personal loans. But the companies we listed offer a wide range of $600 to $10,000.

Bad Credit Personal Loan: Conclusion

It is impossible to know when you end up needing some extra money. Perhaps you have to pay a hefty medical bill. Perhaps your car broke down, and you need to get it repaired ASAP or risk losing your job. Or perhaps your house is in bad shape, and you need the money for renovation. Planning for an emergency or other unforeseen circumstances isn’t always feasible.

So what happens when you need the money that your savings can’t make up for? An easy solution is to take a loan. But it’s only easy for people with good credit and collateral. Unfortunately, around 11% of Americans have a FICO score below 550. With such a low credit score, no bank will entertain loan applications.

It is because banks believe giving out loans to such individuals is high-risk. Thankfully, many online loan companies have risen to meet customers’ demands with less than excellent credit scores. While some of them are genuinely good, most are shady. This article lists the market’s top online loan companies that offer personal loans to people with bad credit.

The amount you can request is wide, ranging from $600 to $10,000. The listed companies follow US legal standards, ensuring fair interest rates and debt collection. With proper loan repayment, you can even fix your credit score. Sounds too good to be true? Feel free to look into it yourself.

We guarantee that you’ll find our listed companies the best in the market as well. Should you choose a different company, we have included a guide on telling apart a good loan company from a shady one.

The news and editorial staff of Sound Publishing, Inc. had no role in the preparation of this post. The views and opinions expressed in this sponsored post are those of the advertiser and do not reflect those of Sound Publishing, Inc.

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