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Barelas community leaders gather at proposed United stadium


She speaks as a resident, but also as vice-president of the Barelas Neighborhood Association. She said she wanted people to make an informed decision on the stadium bond proposal that could change the neighborhood landscape.

“Not on hearsay, not on other people coming into our community telling us we should be doing this because it’s been happening for generations. And frankly people are tired of being told what we are saying. have to do, ”Chavez said.

She and other residents like Joaquin Baca of the Downtown Albuquerque Neighborhood Association have said they are challenging outside groups who advance their own programs in the area.

“When this is all over, will they still be there to help our struggling businesses? Will they help with homelessness? Will they help with crime? Baca said.

Executives said they were working to gain support from the city and New Mexico United. They entered into a Community Benefits Agreement, in which it outlines the ways the city and the team would address key issues in the stadium community, through facilities and services. These could include a health facility, child care options, affordable housing, among others.

“It’s a huge accomplishment for this neighborhood. It’s a huge accomplishment for any neighborhood in the state, quite frankly for most neighborhoods across the country,” said Representative Javier Martinez.

Martinez has represented the Barelas district since 2015.

“Regardless of what happens on election day, this neighborhood is a model of how communities should come together to make sure developers and politicians come to their tables,” Martinez said.

They might be sitting there, but the leaders said there was a lot of work to be done.

“Funding a stadium is unprecedented. We are making history. It is certainly not business as usual,” said Chavez.

Mayor Tim Keller signed the resolution demanding the community benefits agreement earlier this month. The agreement will apply to the district chosen by the city for the stadium, if the proposed obligation is adopted on November 2.


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