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Awards program celebrates excellence in commercial real estate in New Mexico


The update and modernization of the Johnson Center at the University of New Mexico has been recognized by the NAIOP NM Excellence Awards Program. (Courtesy of NAIOP New Mexico)

It’s a year more and less for NAIOP New Mexico.

On the bright side, the commercial real estate development association NAIOP’s 2021 annual Excellence Awards were held indoors on Friday after a year dominated by Zoom meetings triggered by the pandemic.

Main winners this year include Titan Development for the 2021 NAIOP President’s Award, the City of Rio Rancho’s Public / Private Partnership with Los Diamantes, and Rio Rancho Public Schools for the 2021 Cleve Matthews Vision Award; and Lynne Andersen of NAIOP New Mexico and her husband John Gallegos, who were named recipients of the Chuck Gara Community Leader Award.

That’s where the less comes in. Andersen and Gallegos – who have led the organization for years – are both retiring.

For the top winners, these rewards are important.

Rio Rancho Partnership

Rio Rancho Mayor Gregg Hull helps the late Joe Harris Sr.’s grandchildren use giant scissors to cut the ribbon to officially celebrate Joe Harris Elementary School in August. The City of Rio Rancho’s public / private partnership around Los Diamantes Rio Rancho public schools this year received the Cleve Matthews Vision Award from the NAIOP NM. (Gary Herron / Rio Rancho Observer)

The City of Rio Rancho’s public-private partnership is built around the planned community of Los Diamantes, the city and the Unser Gateway coalition.

The community of Los Diamantes has been planned for 578 single-family residential units; 394 acres for a business and multi-family park; and five acres for recreation parks and open spaces. The plan also called for a new four-lane thoroughfare that runs from Unser’s Westside past the new Joe Harris Elementary School to the development, according to NAIOP NM.

Rio Rancho public schools had purchased land for an elementary school at a different site, but did not have the system-level infrastructure to support it.

Going quickly against a tight schedule, Mayor Gregg Hull orchestrated instrumental meetings to strike a public-private partnership across the city, including Rio Rancho Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Sue Cleveland and the private developer, Pierre Amestoy. After a rare joint session of the Rio Rancho Board of Trustees and School Board, the board voted to change plans and build its new Joe Harris Elementary School in the Unser Gateway, next to Los Diamantes, ”NAIOP NM wrote in a press release. “The school was funded by a public bond of $ 30 million. With the unanimous support of City Council, Mayor Hull was able to secure $ 3 million in funding for public services, to offset improvements in public infrastructure.

Other private partners have contributed to the right-of-way for the construction and widening of the four-lane artery, according to NAIOP NM.

Hull said in a statement that the city was “really excited about this incredible public / private partnership.”

“This is really a testament to the great and important work that can be done when public organizations such as the Rio Rancho Public School District, the City of Rio Rancho and (Southern Sandoval County Arroyo Flood Control Authority) collaborate with private developers to increase the level of quality on projects like this, ”he said.

Development of the Titans

Kurt Browning. (Roberto E. Rosales / Albuquerque Journal)

Kurt Browning, one of Titan Development’s partners, said the award was confirmation of the company’s work.

“Titan is a full service real estate investment company and their recognition is important,” he said.

Over the past five years, the company has raised nearly $ 250 million, he said.

The award, he added, “relates to our Titan team. We work hard, play hard and are a well-oiled machine. It is a reflection of my two partners – Ben Spencer and Kevin Reid. They built the foundation.

Reid works in the firm’s Austin office, while Spencer and Browning work in Albuquerque.

“We do a lot of work in our own backyard,” Browning said.

Change of guard

Lynne Andersen and John Gallegos. (Elizabeth Tucker / Journal)

Andersen and Gallegos said they were stepping down at the right time, leaving a strong organization for new, younger leadership. Rhiannon Samuel – who served as communications director for former Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry before becoming the founding executive director of the non-partisan political education group Viante New Mexico – has been named the new executive director of NAIOP New Mexico.

Andersen and Gallegos have left their mark, however. Andersen, who took over in 1995 as executive director, led the group’s growth from 70 members to over 300.

“It was just an amazing bunch of people,” she said. “They were all nice little businesses by national, local standards, and in many cases their children would come into the business.

Nationally, NAIOP is primarily a developer organization, “but in New Mexico you could probably get all of the people who only develop in a very small meeting room.”

NAIOP New Mexico has expanded the companies that could be members, Andersen said.

“We are so different from the national sections,” said Andersen. “We are inclusive in terms of everyone involved in commercial real estate – architects, contractors, engineers, developers, banks, investment firms, landowners, lawyers, securities firms, brokers. It has become a very diverse group of people, all the people who touch on a project to make it happen.

Last year the pandemic hampered things but Zoom came to the rescue. In June, Andersen said, the organization returned to meetings and in-person events.

“Half of what NAIOP is is networking,” she said. “This is the place where you come to meet the people you do business with. “

Over the past two years, NAIOP has entered the realm of politics.

Advocacy, said Andersen, “has become an important part of what we have done.

“No matter what you build, you have to go to a government entity for approval, even if it’s on your own land. There’s always this side of the equation, you don’t buy a property and build what you want on it. It’s a very complex world.


The annual Awards of Excellence – which took place on Friday – have also grown over the years. At first, “it was just a very small business that kind of turned into a pretty amazing production.”

The prizes are awarded through a system of nominations and peer selection.

This year, 55 companies and projects were awarded in categories such as retail, office, mixed and multi-family use, civic and public community over 100,000 square feet, public civic community under 17,000 square feet, education , hospitality, industrial / infrastructure and medical.

The committee included Co-Chairs Jim Strozier and Angela Valdez, Shirley Anderson, Darin Davis, Ryan Garcia, Doug Majewski, Kevin Patton, Karl Smith and Bruce Stidworthy.

The event – co-hosted this year by Andersen, Samuel and Lance Sigmon of Allen Sigmon Real Estate Group, who will chair the NAIOP NM in 2022 – typically kicks off with the fun part of the show, which this year included creative skits. .

The second half is where people and businesses get the credit for “creating where you work, play and live”.

Credit for the success of NAIOP New Mexico should go to the members, said Andersen and Gallegos.

“They do the heavy lifting,” Gallegos said.

Andersen agreed.

“It’s member driven,” she said. “This is their chapter and they feel strongly that it is their chapter.”

Top 2021 NAIOP New Mexico Excellence Award Winners

The following are the recipients of the Eagle Awards at the NAIOP New Mexico’s 2021 Awards…

What is NAIOP NM?

NAIOP New Mexico is a commercial real estate development association with over 300 members who come from all industries touching on commercial real estate, including architects, contractors, engineers, developers and more. NAIOP NM is a local chapter of the national organization.

And, believe it or not, “NAIOP” isn’t an acronym – not anymore, anyway. The letters come from an older version of the name of the organization, which was formerly the National Association of Industrial Properties and Offices. The national branch is now simply known as the NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Development Association.

The Journal is NAIOP NM’s media partner for its annual Excellence Awards program.