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Augustana Volleyball passes MSU Moorhead; Sweeps the highlands of New Mexico


ABERDEEN, SD – The Augustana volleyball team swept the opening day of the Northern State Volleyball Classic in Aberdeen, South Dakota on Friday with wins over MSU Moorhead (3-1) and New Mexico Highlands (3-0).

MSU Moorhead: W, 3-1

Augustana lost the first set, 26-24, but picked up three straight wins to win the game 3-1.

Despite a 5-0 lead early in the first set, the Vikings found themselves back and forth with the Dragons for the remainder of the set.

Augustana held a 17-15 lead after the Dragons’ attacking error. From that point on, MSU Moorhead would take control of the game by holding the match point against the Vikings at 24-21.

The Vikings would attempt a rally, scoring three points to tie the game at 24 with kills by Pretty stecher and Maddy Lookout. However, the Dragons would score the next two points to win the first set.

The second set was balanced to start with the 9-all teams.

Augustana would find some breathing space, scoring on four of the next six points with Callie hohenhaus racking up two wins in that span to give the Vikings a 14-11 nod.

The Vikings extended their lead with a kill by Payton Rosendahl to increase the feed to four at 18-14.

Similar to the Vikings’ game at the end of the first set, the Dragons attempted a comeback when Augustana touched the match point, but after two points from MSU Moorhead, Augustana prevailed and won the second set 25-22.

The third and fourth sets proved too hard for the Dragons as the Vikings delivered 30 kills to the Dragons 13 to take both sets 25-17 and win the game 3-1.

The Vikings faltered in the second half of the third set, scoring five of the last eight points with victories from Thorson, Guetter and Stecher with the deciding point on a Dragons’ attacking error to give Augustana a 2-1 lead ahead. the start of the match. fourth series.

The Dragons started the fourth set with authority, claiming a 4-0 advantage. However, the Vikings showed life in the middle part of the set with a six-point run and an incredible stat line. Augustana had two kills from Reimann and additional attacks from Rosendahl and Stecher, capped by an ace serving from Guetter to give AU a 5-point lead at 15-10.

The Dragons had a three-point run at the end of the fourth set but ran out of real estate as a final blow from Lookout gave the Vikings the fourth set 25-17.

Augustana was led by Guetter with 19 kills and Thorson with 51 assists, and Bute had 26 digs.

The Dragons were led by Bridget Witzmann with 11 kills and Halle Erickson with 19 assists.

New Mexico Highlands: W, 3-0

Augustana took a quick lead and never looked back in the first set.

The Vikings had four kills in the first 11 points while two offensive errors from the Cowgirls took the New Mexico Highlands to a time out with Augustana 11-5. Two of the murders were from Hohenhaus, with additional murders from Thorson and Reimann.

Augustana’s wins continued to flow in with three coming on a four-point streak from Rosendahl, Hohenhaus and Haberland, to give AU a 20-9 advantage.

Hohenhaus and Thorson collected kills late in the set before Reimann racked up knockouts to win the opening set with back-to-back kills, 25-14.

The Cowgirls managed to hang on to the Vikings early in the second set, with a one point lead at 11-10.

Augustana then had a four-point run that started with a victory for Rosendahl while Haberland scored two in a row. The score was capped by a poor set from the New Mexico Highlands to give AU a 15-11 advantage.

With the Vikings ahead five at 18-13, the Cowgirls had one run and passed the Vikings scoring seven in a row.

Augustana found himself down 22-20 ahead of Reimann and Thorson’s victories and two offensive errors by the Cowgirls turned the tide in favor of the Vikings, ultimately deciding the second set at 25-23.

The Cowgirls apparently used all of their momentum in the second set, as the Vikings opened the third set scoring five in a row after the New Mexico Highlands won the first point.

The five points came from four Vikings wins and an ace, all coming

Augustana started running downhill after a bad set in the New Mexico Highlands and took an 18-11 lead.

From that point on, the Vikings have scored seven of the next nine points, highlighted by victories of Piper asche and Thorson to win the match at 25-13.

Augustana was led by Haberland with nine assists, Thorson had 27 assists and Reimann led the Vikings with 13 digs.

The Cowgirls were led by Stacy Johnson and Keegan Lopez, both counting for seven assists, Soliel Gandara had 21 assists and Lisi Langi led the New Mexico Highlands with 12 digs.


The Vikings return to the Northern State Classic on Saturday, the first game is scheduled for 11:30 am against South Dakota Mines, Augustana will close the tournament against host, No.19 Northern State at 2pm.


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