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Agricultural modernization continues at NMSU


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The first phase of the New Mexico State University Agricultural Modernization and Educational Facilities Project is underway at the university’s Las Cruces campus.

The construction is funded by $43 million in general bonds issued by New Mexico voters in 2018 ($25 million) and 2020 ($18 million).

Ground was broken in August 2021, as construction began at the corner of Knox and Stewart streets on the west side of NMSU’s Las Cruces campus.

Construction of the two-phase project began in June and includes building and upgrading facilities that support human health and biomedical research, student learning and public awareness, food safety and the efficiency of animal production, the NMSU said.

“The NMSU Las Cruces Campus is unique among American college campuses in that its Agricultural District, approximately 164 acres, is adjacent to the campus core,” NMSU said in a news release. “The last major facility added to the Agricultural District was Skeen Hall, built in 1999 as the Center for Sustainable Arid Land Development.”

“Much of the agricultural district, including the campus breeding, education and research center, consists of older, underutilized facilities,” said university architect Heather Watenpaugh. “The conditions and use of these older facilities no longer align with the needs of the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES) or the academic advancement trajectory of NMSU in general. “

Upgrading the NMSU Agricultural District will help create an agricultural workforce that can advance industry in New Mexico and help New Mexico’s economy grow, the ACES Dean said. Rolando Flores Galarza.

Much of the present agricultural district, the center of animal husbandry, education and research on the campus, consists of dilapidated and disused facilities whose conditions and use do not meet the needs of the College of ACES or to NMSU’s academic advancement trajectory in general, Flores said.

November’s GO Bond C could bring more changes to Aggie’s campus

Project summaries are from gobond.nmsu.edu

There are three general questions about bond bonds on the statewide November ballot, including bond C, which would allocate more than $215 million to improvement projects and acquisition of fixed assets in higher education, special schools and tribal schools. If passed, New Mexico State University will receive more than $50 million of that total.

Here are the projects NMSU will fund if Bond C is passed by New Mexico voters:

  • Replacement of Thomas and Brown Hall: The 50-year-old Thomas and Brown Hall, 1305 Frenger St. on the NMSU campus in Las Cruces, will be replaced and upgraded to expand hands-on learning facilities for students and multidisciplinary lab space for students and teachers, and will include a learning community designed to support student success. ($22.5 million)
  • Health and Social Services Building and O’Donnell Pavilion Renovation: These two buildings house most of the departments of NMSU’s new College of Health, Education and Social Transformation. The renovations will consolidate and integrate some departments that are currently housed in multiple locations and create more state-of-the-art, multidisciplinary smart classrooms and provide capacity for planned growth in disciplines like nursing and kinesiology. ($13.5 million)
  • Expansion of the Nursing Skills and Simulation Center: The expansion and modernization will solve the statewide shortage of more than 6,200 registered nurses and clinical nurse specialists, the NMSU said. The renovation will establish an operating room that will be dedicated to the nurse anesthetist program and free up classrooms currently used as laboratory space. ($2 million)
  • New Mexico Department of Agriculture Renovation, Phase 3: NMDA is headquartered at NMSU in Las Cruces and serves the entire state. Previous phases of the project, funded by a seed tax bond and general fund appropriations, are expected to be completed in April 2023. Phase 3 includes the replacement of the NMDA’s original outdated main building, with construction new administrative facility to provide space for additional staff. . ($10.5 million)

Other projects: Infrastructure upgrades and roof replacement at Doña Ana Community College in Las Cruces ($1.35 million), as well as renovations, infrastructure upgrades and roof replacement at Martinez Hall from the NMSU-Grants campus ($1.25 million) are also included.