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5 Ways America Helps Ukraine Fight Russia

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For nearly two weeks, Ukraine resisted Russian encroachment on the the biggest conventional military attack since World War II, with major cities being bombed and more than 2 millions people fleeing the country since the start of the invasion.

While the United States is reluctant to confront Russia directly and has resisted Ukraine’s repeated calls to impose a no-fly zone on the country, that certainly doesn’t mean it isn’t doing anything to help. Ukraine.

In fact, America – its government, its people, and its businesses – is taking many extraordinary actions on behalf of Ukraine. Here is an overview of how we are already helping.

1. Penalties

President Joe Biden
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Sanctions are the main means by which the United States pressured Russia to withdraw. More recently, President Joe Biden announced a ban on Russian oil and gas imports and said the sanctions have so far driven the value of Russia’s currency, the ruble, down by more than half since the start of the invasion.

Many Russian banks have been completely cut off from the international financial network. Visa, Mastercard and American Express have also suspended service in Russia.

It’s not just the finances. Energy companies, automakers, consumer goods, technology – tons of household names have halted or abandoned their operations in Russia. CBS News maintains a shopping list.

Other sanctions have personally targeted Russian President Vladimir Putin, or many of his wealthiest supporters. There is an ongoing effort to seize “their luxury yachts and apartments and their money and other ill-gotten gains,” Biden said Tuesday.

2. Humanitarian aid

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The United States has sent and continues to send thousands of tons of food, water and medical supplies, providing support to Ukrainians who have fled and those who have taken refuge there.

The United States “will share responsibility for caring for refugees so that the costs are not borne entirely by European countries bordering Ukraine,” Biden said Tuesday.

Even before the end of February, the United States had committed $54 million to those affected by the invasion. Along with needed supplies, the money is helping humanitarian groups maintain contact between family members separated by the conflict, as well as provide emergency shelter and health care.

3. Donations

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business leaders, celebrities and average Americans have all donated generously to charities supporting Ukraine, or in some cases donated directly to the Ukrainian military. Over $15 million in cryptocurrency has been used to buy food, medical supplies and bulletproof vests, according to Bloomberg.

Learn more about “How you can help people in Ukrainewith your donations.

4. Military aid

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The United States has already provided more than $1 billion in security assistance to Ukraine, Biden said.

Meanwhile, Congress is working on an aid package that will provide nearly $14 billion in military, humanitarian, and economic aid.

“The money is expected to boost key programs at the Pentagon, State Department, and other agencies, so they can better deliver military assistance, help defend against cyberattacks, respond to food insecurity in the region and support other NATO allies in the face of any further Russian aggression,” The Washington Post reported.

5. Weapons

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Beyond the financial aid, the United States provides armaments to the Ukrainian army.

“In less than a week, the United States and NATO pushed more than 17,000 anti-tank weapons, including Javelin missiles, beyond the borders of Poland and Romania,” The New York Times reported.

The United States also coordinated the delivery of defensive weapons from other countries to Ukraine, according to Biden.

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