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2 Albuquerque city councilors sponsor $ 110 million bond proposal


“People want to see their tax dollars working to do something for them. They want their tax money to be used for things they ask for help for, ”Bassan said.

“Investing in a multigenerational center, even if it is not in District 1, having it on the West Side is essential and important. It’s important to have the public safety corridor on the west side, but this bond bundle is the first bond bundle that actually invests in amounts that the west side hasn’t seen for many, many years, ” Sena said.

However, some are asking councilors to pump the breaks and wait for several new council members to take office in January, including councilor Sena’s replacement, councilor-elect Louie Sanchez.

Sanchez believes that because Sena was nominated and not elected, he should get a seat at the table for the remainder of his term.

“It’s very, very obvious that I should be the Chosen One right now,” Sanchez said.

Sena has said that until the end of her term, she will represent District 1 to the best of her ability – and she believes this set of obligations will.

“I really want to highlight the fact that the district suffered tremendously after Councilor Sanchez passed away. I filled his vacant position knowing that between his death and his death, the district had to have this representation. We have lost critical investments, dollars and projects as well. I’m definitely not going to let that happen again.